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Children grow up and become our future.

James Corbett talks to the author, Simon Krimms, about his book Rollerdog, an anti-NWO children's book.

Simon Krimms Authors an anti-NWO Children’s Book
Today we’re joined on the program by Simon Krimms, an English teacher in Japan who has authored “Rollerdog,” a book “designed for little people growing up in the brave new world (order) of the 21st century.” Through his inventive tale and multi-layered illustrations, Krimms hopes to deprogram children from the NWO matrix without fear while providing a warning for parents about the world around us

Power comes from knowledge, from understanding the world as it is, rather than how it is portrayed by media and academia. Understanding is the first stage to freedom. The more of us on this journey, the quicker human consciousness will evolve.

The following video contains valuable messages although describing all matter as pure energy is only partially accurate; all matter is energy in receptive space - space is as important/vital as energy.

Give energy space. Do not fear the future; embrace it with love and a centered heart.

Questions of interest

Critical Thinking's analysis of the political economy has revealed three fundamental flaws:

  • Hierarchy - all of our hierarchical institutions are corrupt and manipulated
  • the means to life (our birthright) is rationed: the Commons have been progressively colonised and monetised for the benefit of the few
  • Usury - interest on money drives inequality, environmental destruction and conflict

Usury, ie. the charging of interest on money, is so embedded in our way of thinking that we miss the obvious - usury is exploitation. It was prohibited by all the major religions - except Judaism: one was allowed to charge Gentiles interest but not those of your own community. Religions were infiltrated and manipulated to abandon this principle long ago. Islamic banking may adhere to the letter of Sharia but is often flouting the spirit by disguising interest as something else.

Until we accept the corrosive, abusive and destructive nature of interest, we are not on the first base to understand the political economy. Simply put, banking is theft and we're wasting our time, energy and intellect trying to solve the insoluble. Social and economic justice cannot be reconciled with interest.

There is no easy way to persuade people to embrace this fact other than by getting them to open their minds, read Margrit Kennedy's Interest and Inflation Free Money and think. Having been exposed to empirical evidence which demonstrates that interest is a wealth transfer mechanism, we must then ponder the common sense explanation of why this is so: those with more money than they need exploit those who have none or too little - about 80% of the population.

Interest provides the motivation and means to create money from nothing and has granted the Rothschild family the global money monopoly which means they've bought and control the world. The economics curriculum is the product of their foundation funded universities to ensure money is never studied, thereby avoiding discovery by the supposed "experts" who've been brainwashed (as we all are) out of their ability to think critically. Neat trick on humanity.

Some economists have suggested that inadequate bank audits by the big accounting firms led to the 2008 financial crisis. The accounting profession is complicit in this fraud on humanity. It is the practice of double entry bookkeeping which obscures theft on a global scale. The evidence is in every bank's ledgers for all to see.

Blackmail in public office

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds talks about her investigative work into paedophilia blackmail during the Clinton administration. She betrays some impatience with the current "excitement" over the Podesta emails and exhorts people to think deeply about the corrupt political system they subscribe to.

In her somewhat self-referential rant, Sibel berates the idea of "following the popular stories" and goes on to promote the kickstarter to raise money for Newsbud. In some senses she is right that we shouldn't follow dog whistle politics but at this time when the mainstream is attempting to bury the Podesta/Pizzagate scandal is precisely why we should "go large" in alternative media and the blogosphere; it is a lever to open the sluice gates on the cesspit of corruption at the heart of power.

If the ambition is to promote Newsbud as a valuable source of information to effect a shift in human consciousness, now is the time to revisit her past excellent work on paedophila at the heart of power. Sibel dismissively suggests people can go "search" the internet for it but it would be much better to make it as easy as possible to find. A missed opportunity.

Newsbud faces a difficult choice because one has to engage with the corrupt/corrupting political economy to survive and function but in doing so we risk compromising our intent. In monetising information, we prop up the current political economy whereas we should be building a non-monetised, non-hierarchical alternative. That is not to say one shouldn't support initiatives like Newsbud but we should do so with our eyes and ears open.

You're committing an offence

If you live in the UK (and possibly other countries too) you are committing an offence whenever you pay tax. That's not just income tax or council tax but VAT or other taxes on goods and services. Under international law and terrorism acts, it is an offence to fund war crimes and the UK government is guilty of both.

Chris Coverdale has campaigned tirelessly to stop the illegal wars since 9/11 and has even spent time in jail for his convictions. Here he explains how we are all guilty, particularly if we are aware. By knowingly paying taxes or in the case of MPs, voting for wars we are accessories to war crimes.