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They lied


From (H/T)

The US led NATO alliance has been arming and helping those fighting Assad's Syrian army but the staged beheadings, claimed by ISIS, are the pretext to start the third Iraq war and commence bombing in Syria, a violation of international law. But the choreography of NATO's latest move has been thrown into disarray and confusion because it appears the "good" rebels in Syria have formed a pact with the "evil" ISIS until the Assad government is overthrown.

Syrian “Moderate” Rebels and Islamic State Jihadists “Make Peace”. What Will Obama do Now? by Timothy Alexander Guzman

According to a new report by Agence-France Presse (AFP) “Syrian rebels and jihadists from the Islamic State have agreed a non-aggression pact for the first time in a suburb of the capital Damascus, a monitoring group said on Friday.” 


Antarctic sea ice - record high

Sea ice extent in the Antarctic is greater than it's been since satellite records began in 1978 but you're not likely to be told that by the media, particularly the BBC which has an agreed policy to suppress all stories and data undermining the climate change narrative.

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 15 2014 – Another All-Time Record

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Sept 15 2014 – 1,224,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Data for Day 257. Data here.

18,000 sq km higher than yesterdays record. And 170,000 sq km higher than 2013’s all-time record.

Arctic sea ice hit a record low in 2012 but may be recovering with the Northwest passage now blocked, in contrast to recent years. It is much too early to say definitively Arctic sea ice is recovering but predictions of an ice free Arctic look less plausible.


Public servant corruption

Power corrupts - that's no great surprise but behind the façade of pomp and respectability of the UK establishment, corruption is shameless and rife. The judiciary was the last frontier of protection but its integrity is again under threat with the appointment of a top commercial lawyer, with close connections to those under suspicion, to chair the inquiry into historic sex abuse of children.

Pressure growing on abuse inquiry chief Fiona Woolf over new links to Leon Brittan by Martin Beckford and Simon Murphy

  •     More links between historic abuse inquiry chief and Lord Brittan revealed
  •     Former Home Secretary Brittan accused of involvement in a cover-up
  •     Fiona Woolf sat in the same magistrates' court as his wife, Diana
  •     Brittan addressed a Law Society conference when Woolf was a senior figure
  •     But she will escape a Commons debate on her controversial appointment


Scotland the brave

When the CRC wheel out Tony Blair (Mr Dodgy Dossier) to make the case against Scottish independence, their desperation to maintain the status quo becomes obvious.

Gordon Brown, as UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, sold UK gold reserves at between $256 and $296 per ounce (a 20 year low). Brown has suggested that Scotland risks suffering a currency collapse, analogous to that of the Weimar republic in Germany leading to the rise of Hitler (as reported by the CRC controlled BBC). Gold peaked in 2011 at around $1,900 per ounce and today stands at $1,230. Either Brown is a man of very poor judgement or a stooge for the ruling elites who've "fixed" the gold price for decades.

What is telling about this referendum is the envy of the Scots, felt across the UK, where many want to wrest power from the puppet government in Westminster. Social media is covered with people saying, if they had a vote, they'd vote YES. They want to see an independent Scotland stand up to vested interests and open the door to change.

As Scotland Vote Nears, Fragmentation and Sharp Disunity In A U.K. That Isn't So United by Steve Rushton