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Starting with food

At last night's Critical Thinking session, Mario Molinari came to talk about food. Our research and analysis has brought us to the point where Mario's work begins: where/how to build resilience and self-reliance within communities? How do we begin to erode the power of the current political economy, to build something better and to insulate humanity from the impending collapse of the global economic system?

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -
Buckminster Fuller

The state has eroded the concept of family and community, making us reliant on a system which undermines our autonomy and makes us dependent on centralised power and bureacracy; it damages our health and ability to think for ourselves. it turns us into children and unless we conform to its rules and norms, we are discarded and our means to life is removed. We are enslaved to a system which is killing us. Mario suggests: There are now only 4 million nuclear families in England. Parenting without parents; teaching without teachers. The state destroys the family social group – it is its purpose. The big state has no moral legitimacy.

From Mario's paper: All things Food (.pdf download)
Household Today: Two, three or four family members living at first under one roof, later leading separate lives in as many separate postcodes. For Mr Justice Coleridge, a Family Division judge for England and Wales, “What is certain is that almost all of society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.” This is what we are up against most of the time, a dislocation and an inexistent family/social group.


Led like lambs to the slaughter by mediocrity

In 2001, 9/11 was the catalysing event which thrust George W Bush on to the world stage as the great saviour, heralding the "war on terror" at home in the US, by imposing draconian measures to curb freedom and liberty, while embarking on illegal wars in the Middle East and beyond. Bush is a mediocre man from a family steeped in corruption and intrigue but he had a populist appeal to "patriots" so easily misled. Two decades earlier, another mediocre man with charismatic appeal, Ronald Reagan, was chosen to refurbish the tarnished image of the USA in the aftermath of the tragic debacle of the Vietnam war. This is not about America per se which is merely the current conduit to implement the will of the Structural Elite; before the US empire, it was the British empire which empowered and enriched the Structural Elite.

By 2005, the US empire and its acolytes were bogged down in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; people were becoming restive. Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction never existed and more people were questioning 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A reminder was essential to reinvigorate the war on terror, to continue to enrich and empower the Structural Elite and their elevated cattle (politicians, CEOs, celebrities etc.). 7/7 was the next catalysing event; the wars continued and then expanded into Libya to remove another obstacle to Structural Elite power (Libya threatened US Dollar supremacy and blocked US imperial ambitions across Africa). The rebel forces used to remove Muammar Gaddafi, under the protection of NATO's merciless bombing campaign which destroyed vital infrastructure and killed countless civilians (all under a "responsibility to protect" mandate from the UN), morphed into ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State, Daesh) with support and backing from Israel, Saudi Arabia and of course, NATO.

ISIS/Daesh was then used to destabilise Syria, fomenting a civil war to conduct regime change but Syria's ally, Russia, was a major obstacle. Russia is a serious counterweight to US imperial supremacy and has to be removed to achieve the Structural Elite ambition for one world government. Hence the US backed coup in Ukraine to further undermine Russia's power and influence.

France meanwhile, which under Jacques Chirac had refused to participate in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, elected a new president, another mediocre man, Francois Hollande who, although from the left, sought to reignite France's imperial ambitions. But the French people were less convinced that they should be involved in these endless wars. The French people needed to learn that they too were under threat from "ISIS" and the terrorist bogeymen. Hence Charlie Hebdo and the attacks in Paris on 13/11 last year but these follow the same pattern of previous false flag attacks - domestic and foreign intelligence services (including Mossad) invariably seem to be connected in some way to the alleged perpetrators. It really is time to wake up to reality instead of swallowing the endless lies spewed forth by the BBC, corporate and other media.

4. Paris 13.11: Morale Operation
This article, written by Gianfranco Sanguinetti two days after November 13’s Paris terror attacks, has been translated from French by The Acorn, with the kind co-operation of the author.
“The French public should be aware that we are heading towards some major terrorist attacks. The political authorities should let the French people know that we are going to see acts of mass terror”. - General Vincent Desportes


Teetering on the brink...

Anyone watching commodity, currency and stock markets knows something dramatic is happening. Emerging markets, particularly in Asia, are tumbling; commodities (other than gold and precious metals) are tanking while banking stocks, led by Deutsche Bank, are plummeting. Short term rallies are what's known in the trade as "dead cat bounces" or "suckers rallies" tempting the naive and greedy. Predicting the timing of total collapse is nigh on impossible but current gyrations in markets indicate that central banks, which fuelled the boom and manipulated markets, have lost control - there's nothing left in the toolbox. Negative interest rates, recently imposed by the Bank of Japan, will not have the stated, desired impact but will lead to (un)intended consequences while the recent push to abolish cash is setting us up for bank "bail-ins" - further wealth confiscation and enslavement.

“Negative” Interest Rates and the War on Cash by Richard Werner
The talking heads featured on the corporate mainstream media have started to disseminate the idea that cash is a barbarous relic and needs to be abolished. Central bankers have been particularly articulate, such as former IMF staffers Kenneth Rogoff and Peter Bofinger, or current Bank of England spokesman Andrew Haldane.

One commodity is bucking the downward trend: gold but don't be deluded into buying "paper gold" such as ETF's and derivatives - if collapse happens, they will be worthless. Some reports indicate that for every 1oz of gold there are at least 324oz of paper gold instruments. The Fed has been manipulating gold and oil prices to prop up the US dollar but that game is coming to a close.

In the UK, attempts to reflate the economy since the 2008 crisis have led to a boom in house prices on the back of increased borrowing - that is also about to come to a sticky end.

Why Britain’s Housing Crisis Heralds the Next Financial Crash by Steve Rushton
Housing prices in London have risen by 50% in the last five years. If the U.K. property bubble goes boom, it will be proportionally biggerthan the U.S. housing bust at the onset of the financial crisis in 2007


The virus becomes the cover story...and it sells

Daily Pickings referred to the Zika virus and babies born with microcephaly last week. We are told there are 4000 babies with microcephaly in Brazil but of the real figure (404 cases confirmed by Brazilian researchers), only 17 cases are related to the Zika virus. In the words of Jon Rappoport, "what we have here is nothing".