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Obscenity of US politics explained

Today's Daily Pickings comes by courtesy of Critical Thinker Eddie:

atmen - empire


We are the power driving this madness; it is our collective ignorance and deference to authority which enslaves and kills us.

We have a choice. Start a conversation and withdraw consent to be farmed.

Showdown in the media

A few days ago, Daily Pickings highlighted the Hollywood PSYOPS phenomenon and its latest manifestation, Morgan Freeman warming us up for war with Russia. In so far as this is a tribal debate, Democrats versus Republicans, the issue is getting an airing in the mainstream and the contradictions are too obvious to ignore - "well yes, the Chinese do bad stuff and so do we but Russia interfered directly in our political process" - what is the foundation of US foreign policy for the last century? Regime change in any country which doesn't fall into line with "our values" - so Israel and Saudi Arabia are great but Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia etc. are to be feared, attacked and their politics undermined.

Of course, this is less to do with Russia interfering with the US election (the deep state is the more obvious culprit, trying to cover its tracks with false accusations) than the threat Putin and Russia pose to the new world order.

Russia too has its empire builders and so don't imagine that Putin is necessarily working in the interests of us all - he too has priorities and compromises to make in order to hold on to power.

So don't "pick sides" - know that institutional hierarchy will only serve minority interests, irrespective of the cost in human lives. Dissolve hierarchy and the opportunities to take the rest of us to war evaporate. 




Yesterday's UK Column broadcast highlights fundamental issues and questions such as who rules? Who is driving the agendas for globalisation and the destruction of nation states?

UK Column News - 21st September 2017 (47 minute video)

The video opens with discussion of US President Donald Trump's UN speech and the framing of language. Contradictory rhetoric needs to be decoded (politicians don't write their speeches). Shifting to UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, UK Column exposes the lies and hypocrisy, again concealed within encoded language which is also the framing for the Global Cities agenda - the destruction of nation states from within, incorporating cities into a global government. Mark Anderson refers to this framing of language as "globalese". The Hegelian Dialectic - create a problem, to provoke a reaction and then provide the solution. Nation states aren't doing what we want, and people are afraid/angry; let's create a global cities network of government (new world order - NWO).

UK Column often focuses on UK defence, the folding of our armed forces into a European army. Publicly, ex-military chiefs howl about defence "cuts" but behind the scenes, some are members of European networks to undermine national sovereignty. UK Column mentions European Leadership Network which sounds eerily familiar (Common Purpose) and is funded by Carnegie and the UK Foreign Office.

To its credit, UK Column is beginning to explore the fundamental drivers of the political economy and alights on money reform as the "silver bullet" but, as we know, there are three foundations on which Structural Elite power exists: usury, theft of the commons and institutional hierarchy. There is no one "silver bullet" to create durable transformation. We need to discuss all three. Monetary reform is not enough.

The global system is both exceedingly complex and very simple. At root, we're being farmed and it is our ignorance of how the system works which keeps us as docile, domesticated cattle.



Our way out is to start a conversation and withdraw consent.

Trussing Trump

As all Donald Trump's pre-election promises, to "disengage" from empire building, disappear down the drain into the swamp, fingers are pointing at the Pentagon.

How the US Military Defeated “Trump’s Insurgency” by Moon of Alabama
Trump was seen as a presidential candidate who would possibly move towards a less interventionist foreign policy. That hope is gone. The insurgency that brought Trump to the top was defeated by a counter-insurgency campaign waged by the U.S. military. (Historically its first successful one). The military has taken control of the White House process and it is now taking control of its policies.

But as Daily Pickings has frequently pointed out, levers of power such as the Pentagon and the Military-Industrial, Media-Academic Complex (MIMAC) are controlled by the same narrow forces, the Structural Elite. The banksters have already populated Trump's administration with their placemen and Kissinger is in the wings to keep Trump in line.

Trump wouldn't be president without powerful support (not least financial support for his gambling and property empire which nearly collapsed in the past) and such support always comes with strings attached,

Trussing up politicians is routine for the Structural Elite.