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Confirmation of sorts

It was originally planned to explore chemtrails in 2013 but in the event we agreed to focus on free trade agreements as being more urgent, a decision which has been vindicated by the indecent haste with which TTIP is being pushed by politicians and pundits.

Every now and again a story emerges which gives cause to question the provenance of the strange aircraft vapour trails in high in the sky. Beautiful days often deteriorate in a few hours as the criss-cross patterns spread and mix to form strange dirty cloud cover but it is rare to find any reference to the aircraft which cause this phenomenon.

US Reported In Panic After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria

Hat tip to Arvind for this

Most likely, the world will move on and the story is unlikely to appear in the mainstream media but it is a story to slot away with all the others to try to make sense of what is never discussed or acknowledged by governments. Some years ago the IPCC issued a special report on aviation which remains on their website (so far) but it's not a topic revisited since - no doubt it would have ruffled some feathers in government/military circles. Most of the references to chemtrails are pretty innocuous but there is a telling sentence in the report which lends credibility to those who allege that some vapour trails are unnatural and potentially sinister.

Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

"In some locations, upper tropospheric particles are dominated by sulfates (Yamato and Ono, 1989; Sheridan et al., 1994). However, more recent data show that minerals, organic compounds, metals, and other substances may often be present in significant quantities (Chen et al., 1998; Talbot et al., 1998)." - what are these compounds, metals and substances? where do they come from and what are the potential implications for public health? A good place to start exploration would be the last two academic papers referred to.

Hat tip to Maggie for this

What's to be done?

We can decry individuals be they bankers, politicians or regulators. We can lock them up and take away their ill-gotten gains but until we dismantle the system which produces selfish, abusive behaviour, it's not going to stop. The system is powerful and self-protecting.

Corrupt to the Core, The Fire Power of the Financial System. The Destructive Impacts of Financial Markets By Colin Todhunter

The enormous power and destructive influence of financial markets became apparent after the global economic collapse of 2008. This event revealed a need for bringing the sector under democratic public ownership; failing that, stronger regulations for financial markets at the very least. But political will has been lacking on both counts. The sector enjoys massive financial resources and successfully translates them into political influence.

Be in no doubt, the corruption is endemic and the system is beyond redemption.

The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing By Ellen Brown

All the talk of reform and cultural change means nought. Our political and economic systems led us here and six years on from the 2008 crisis, little has changed other than banks are even bigger, inequality wider and the world is more unstable.  It is time for a system reset.

Rogue state espionage

The UK's MI5, MI6 and GCHQ work closely with the USA's NSA and CIA to undermine and destroy domestic and foreign opposition to the Shock Doctrine with little restraint or political oversight. "Plausible deniability" allows governments to distance themselves from wrongdoing while their rogue secret services destabilise foreign governments through false flag attacks and by fomenting civil unrest as we've seen most recently in Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine. Working with foreign intelligence services they collude to bring down governments as occasionally acknowledged in the mainstream media, although reports are usually undermined by their conclusions such as in this one by Patrick Cockburn writing in the Independent.

MI6, the CIA and Turkey's rogue game in Syria by Patrick Cockburn

World View: New claims say Ankara worked with the US and Britain to smuggle Gaddafi's guns to rebel groups

which concludes: Meanwhile, a telling argument against Turkey having orchestrated the sarin gas attacks in Damascus is that to do so would have required a level of competence out of keeping with its shambolic interventions in Syria over the past three years. There is a wealth of information pointing to the Sarin attacks being false flag attacks to provoke all out war by the US/NATO on Syria

Meanwhile, domestically there is a constant assault on opposition groups and individuals, using social media and infiltration to undermine activist groups seeking to protect civil liberties, the poor and the environment. More Snowden revelations reveal the training and documentation used by GCHQ and other agencies to train their people to dismantle opposition to the creeping police state and corporate hegemony.

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations By Glenn Greenwald

One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

Hat tip to Obi for this

The slide below may explain why Occupy and other groups have to work so hard to sustain momentum and coherence. Activist groups, such as Occupy are under constant attack.


Critical Thinking on RADTV

Critical Thinking's ideas for creating a new political economy have been explored by Take2 on RADTV which also goes out on The People's Voice TV. Part One discusses the work of Critical Thinking and the New Model Charter, after some interesting insights into what's happening in Syria.

Part Two starts with an issue rarely discussed in the main stream, water fluoridation - its extent and health impacts, followed by Critical Thinking's ideas on how, using the concept of Fiduciary Responsibility in law, people globally may be able to hold their governments to account to start a wider conversation about radical political and economic change.

For a full explanation of the economic principles underpinning these ideas, a summary is provided in Inequality at Davos and in the following presentation:

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