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Full of our own opinions

The speed and scale of a shift in human consciousness is determined by our willingness to challenge our cherished beliefs and open our minds to new information, ideas and opportunities. They are there; it is for us to grasp, share and build on them.

Zen & the Art of Living Deeply by Christopher Chase
“With traditional arts in Asia much emphasis is put on long-term practice and effort, so as to reach continuously higher levels of skill development. There is a deeper character training happening as well, to reduce the ego’s voice, let go of fears, cultivate mindfulness, increase gratitude and live more fully in the present moment.”

...a tale is told of a University professor who visits Nan-in, a Japanese Zen master. The professor says he wants to learn about Zen, but is filled with his own knowledge and opinions. Nan-in pours tea into his cup and does not stop so that it begins to overflow.
“What are you doing? It is overfull. No more will go in!” yells the Professor. “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”




The truth about the Rothschilds

Exploration of the global political economy involves digging through layers of obfuscation, deception and distraction within seemingly disconnected events and issues, across the world. The closer one gets to the heart of power, the murkier the depths of deception and subterfuge. Thus, when it comes to trying to understand the depth, breadth and scale of Rothschild power, while there is plenty of evidence of their extraordinary power and wealth, one has to find scattered and hidden gems of information in obscure places. Rothschilds' power is like a black hole in outer space, you can't see it but you can see its effect. Daily Pickings has highlighted many events and issues where the hand of Rothschild is connected.

What's needed is serious research on the scale and depth of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope or Anthony Sutton's papers on the Structural Elite, both of whom allude to Rothschilds' power but focus more on the elevated cattle doing their bidding.

Richard Grove, who has a voracious appetite for historical truth, has been accumulating evidence and research over years and is planning to publish a Rothschilds 101 together with documentary film of interviews with researchers who've delved into their power and influence. Eddie posted this hour long interview with Richard Grove yesterday. If you think claims of Rothschilds' extraordinary power and fabulous wealth are conspiracy theories, Richard's work may cause you to think again.

Meria Heller interviews Richard Grove on Indiegogo Fundraiser Launch (Book & Film Project) by Richard Grove
A manual of resources and references pertaining to the Rothschild dynasty

To take back power from the Rothschilds, doesn't mean bloodshed and murder (although that is clearly their modus operandi). We just need to refuse to participate in their political economy and build an alternative.

The bigger picture

Robert Parry does an excellent job on the back story of Putin's rise to power in Russia and her relationship with the US.

The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing by Robert Parry
Official Washington loves its Putin-bashing but demonizing the Russian leader stops a rational debate about U.S.-Russia relations and pushes the two nuclear powers toward an existential brink.

To look at the US/Russia relationship in isolation is to miss the bigger picture. Russia has been a target for acquisition by the Rothschilds and the Structural Elite since Wall Street funded the Bolshevik Revolution and the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his family. The US was already captured by then with the establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board which, despite its name, is no more Federal than Federal Express.

In any conflict, the only winners are the Rothschilds and their cronies.

We, however, are complicit through willful ignorance. We demonise and kill those who tell the truth and we refuse to engage with "conspiracy theories" for fear of being shunned by our peers, employers and those who claim authority over us.

To stop the madness, leading us to potential nuclear conflict between the US and Russia, we need to disengage from the lies and the system in whatever small way we can. We are its power.

Outstanding German political prisoner

When the world is seemingly against you, speaking out requires confidence in the truth you speak and courage.

Ursula Haverbeck describes the long term plan for the destruction of Germany and the German people which corroborates, from different sources, Critical Thiinking's analysis of the long game for Europe. Her presentation is in German but the video is subtitled in English, as are some of the references. Her wise words should not only be heeded by Germans but by everyone globally. The human race is living a lie and only truth will release us from captivity.

(if the video doesn't show, try here:

Before anyone sees this as "anti-Semitic", we need to understand that in the same way that migrants are unwitting weapons in this war of destruction of Europe, Jewry has similarly been infiltrated and unwittingly co-opted into the plan. No doubt many are conscious, willing collaborators because they believe it is in their interests but that is no different to the non-Jewish elevated cattle. The "enemy" are not Jews but the political economy created and manipulated by the cuckoos in the Jewish nest: Rothschilds and others of the Structural Elite.

If we turn on Jews, we will fall into the trap so neatly laid before us - victimhood is a primary weapon in the war for your mind - why else would the holocaust be such a big issue that we cannot question?

We don't need to fight or kill anyone. We just need to remove our consent to be farmed and manipulated. It starts by engaging with truth and like Ursula having the courage to speak out, irrespective of the consequences.

Beneath the ideologies and labels, we are all human. Strip away hierarchy and the fundamental economic flaws and the levers to divide us evaporate.