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Manipulating media

Yesterday, Daily Pickings referred to Bilderberg 2015 retreating to the mountains to avoid dissent and the public gaze. Andrew Gavin Marshall has written a series of in-depth studies of the various facets of Bilderberg. This latest (ninth) instalment covers "Bilderberg’s role in facilitating the advancement of transnational technocracy in the EU, bringing in some of the top technocrats from leading European and international organizations to meet in secret with finance ministers, central bankers, politicians, corporate executives, bankers and financiers."

Global Power Project: Bilderberg Group and the International Monetary Fund by Andrew Gavin Marshall

(the previous eight instalments are available from links at the top of the page)

Media control is an essential element of the Bilderberg strategy which is why Pearson group (FT and Economist) executives are frequent attendees at Bilderberg meetings, colluding with military/intelligence services and the Structural Elite (SE) to "sell" their narrative, particularly to influential opinion formers

UK military targets domestic opinion leaders
UK MoD Joint Publication 3-45.1: Media Operations, Sep 2007
Exposed: UK military "Media Operations" are designed to manipulate UK population and opinion leaders
JULIAN ASSANGE (Investigative Editor) October 10, 2008, updated October 18, 2008.

No wonder the UK authorities are keen to make Julian Assange disappear into the US penal archipelago.


Bilderberg retreats to the mountains

The venue for Bilderberg 2015 has been reported as the opulent Interalpen Hotel, owned by Swiss manufacturing giant Liebherr, in the Austrian mountains near Telfs. Austrian police revealed that security will be in operation from June 9th-14th.

Bilderberg 2015 Location Confirmed By Steve Watson

" at the Bilderberg meeting will be part of the same operation as security for the much more public G7 meeting, which is scheduled to take place at the beginning of the same week, 7th-8th June, at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria, Germany.

“The venue of the G7 summit lies only 3.6 kilometers in a straight line from the Austrian border, both events cover similar issues and take place one after the other, the G7 summit on 7th and 8th June 2015 and the Bilderberg conference on 9th to 14th June 2015.” the statement continues.

“The job of the police at the G7 and the Bilderberg conference is the protection of state guests, eminent persons and the general public,” the Minister of the Interior is quoted as saying."

This year's secretive meeting takes place as a growing number of people become aware of who runs the world and the significance of these meetings.

The Structural Elite's (SE) strategy is coming under increasing scrutiny - press and individual freedom to report and discuss these issues are likely to be constrained even further.


The Greek escape

Dimitry Orlov urges Greece's new Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, to be wary - why should we expect the "Troika" (the European Central Bank, European Commission and the International Monetary Fund) to behave differently in the future? A leopard doesn't change its spots.

Open Letter to the New Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis by Dimitry Orlov

"When you’re up against monsters, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight."

Greg Palast explains how austerity is an essential component of remaining in the Euro and that to regain sovereignty and control of its future, Greece must issue it's own currency. It worked for Guernsey in 1820.

Trojan Hearse:Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony by Greg Palast for το χωνί (Greece)

"Syriza won on the promise that it will cure Greece of leprosy.


Merkel flirts with Russia

As in Syria, the US/NATO backed forces are losing ground in Ukraine. In Syria, the US/NATO alliance is backing Al Qaeda affiliates which have morphed into Islamic State (IS, ISIL or ISIS). A US funded coup d'état installed the current pro-Israel/fascist regime in Kiev which has been conducting a war on the civilian population in Eastern Ukraine but now appears to be losing ground to separatist rebel forces.

“Panic in Kiev: Ukrainian Forces Surrender Donbass” By Dmitry Orlov

"The [] article appeared briefly at this URL on and was quickly pulled down. Ironic? It would seem so. My translation. I bring it to you because it succinctly lays out the situation as I've been able to piece it together from multiple Russian- and Ukrainian-language sources, and because you are unlikely to come across anything this truthful from cough Western media cough."

As an indication of the gravity of the situation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been tasked with seducing Vladimir Putin's Russia into a submissive compromise in which the oil price will recover, alleviating pressures on Russia's economy. Additional goodies are promised further down the line, eg. a juicy trade agreement. The price of Merkel's largesse? Abandon Eastern Ukraine to the criminal junta in Kiev.

Merkel as Soft Cop in False Flag Offensive on Russia by Finian Cunningham

Now enters «soft cop» Frau Merkel into the fray of this US-led gang beat-up on Russia, with the metaphorical packet of cigarettes and a comely smile.