Climate catch 22

Scientific consensus on global warming is parroted, with one discredited study claiming 97% of climate scientists support the man-made global warming hypothesis. The study actually reveals much greater dissent from the CAGW theory than most people realise.

There are a number of scientists who, in spite of the risk to their livelihood and reputation, have come out publicly to explain the scientific basis of their dissent but they are dismissed, ignored or vilified by global warming supporters and sometimes by their own institutions.

One such is Murry Salby whose work revealed another fundamental flaw in the AGW theory, that not only does CO2 not drive temperature but that man's emissions are a minor contributor to CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. Temperature drives CO2, not the other way round. You would think Salby's work would be regarded as a valuable contribution to our knowledge of climate but he was summarily dismissed by Macquarie University, rather than let inconvenient evidence challenge the claimed consensus.

It’s an Unsettling Climate for skeptical scientists like Murry Salby by Jo Nova

"In April 2013, concluding a European tour to present his research, Salby arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for a flight back to Australia, where he was a professor of climate science at Macquarie University. He discovered, to his dismay, that the university had canceled the return leg of his nonrefundable ticket. With Salby stranded, Macquarie then undertook misconduct proceedings against him that swiftly culminated in his dismissal."

Here's where the catch 22 arises. Only scientists who support the consensus are to be believed. Dissenting scientists are suppressed, dismissed or ignored, so the illusion of consensus is maintained. If one only believes those who confirm what is commonly accepted, how will human understanding advance? Galileo calculated the earth revolved around the sun but because it challenged the authority of the church, he was forced to recant by the inquisition, on pain of death.

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