BBC - lever of power

The BBC is regarded by many as a reliable source of information, not just in the UK but around the world. Unfortunately, this is not true. While the BBC has admirable qualities, it is nonetheless partisan and is one of the levers of power of the ruling clique (RC). It is bad enough that other media ownership is concentrated within the control of the RC but when public service broadcasting is similarly afflicted, what hope is there for truth?

BBC Playing Dirty Tricks Against Iran by Spreading Disinformation By Finian Cunningham

The British Broadcasting Corporation is up to its old dirty tricks again, spreading [government] disinformation in an attempt to make trouble for Iran.

The square brackets are there to highlight the question, whose disinformation is the BBC spreading? Pro-Israel bias in reporting the recent Gaza massacre followed the usual pattern of giving disproportionate airtime to Israel to justify the unjustifiable. Information on many issues is selectively disclosed giving a distorted view of reality - there was a secret meeting held in 2006 which agreed a policy of suppressing any information or data which contradicts the human induced global warming narrative, effectively barring sceptical scientists from the airwaves. No wonder a majority fear this mythical threat.

The planned appointment of former Pearson director, Rona Fairhead, to chair the BBC, gives a clue as to who is pulling the strings. She sits within the web of power which controls 40% of transnational corporations and 60% of their revenues, being a director of HSBC (money laundering for drugs cartels and "terrorists" among other crimes) and Pearson. Pearson group owns the FT and Economist which are similarly mendacious in reporting geopolitical events. The parliamentary select committee, which interviewed her for the position, were far more concerned with the licence fee than BBC impartiality.

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS By Andrew Orlowski
"People genuinely want to pay for us, and want to be forced to"

We need objective, independent public service media if we are to understand the world.

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