Dissolution of hierarchy

Critical Thinking is preoccupied with flat systems of governance and is itself a non-hierarchical entity. The challenge is to organise society on a similar basis to cope effectively with the many problems facing us today. Bolivia and Venezuela are devolving power through community councils but retain a centralised power structure.

Abdullah Ocalan drew on the ideas of American revolutionary, Murray Bookchin, contained in The Ecology of Freedom - The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy, to foster non-hierarchical development of the PKK in Turkey and beyond.

HAPPIDROME - Part One by Adam Curtis (H/T)

It made him realise - Ocalan said - that all systems of power create 'submissive persons’, and that the only way to really create a true revolutionary world was to build one without any hierarchies. He turned his back on Marxism and nationalism and proposed instead a completely decentralised system of government - run by local committees.

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