Choice and truth

On 2nd January, Daily Pickings was titledĀ Our choice because we all have one to make. As in the Matrix, we can choose the "blue pill" and remain in ignorance and slavery or take the "red pill" of truth. This half-hour video explains how we have the power within our minds to change the world.


The video describes the power of the mind in terms of the individual and the power of positive thought. The combination of minds into collaborative effort multiplies their effectiveness geometrically. We have seen the power of this in Critical Thinking and its progress to date.

Energy Diamond is an open source project which has created a platform for collaboration, finding resonance between groups of individuals to enable them to work together most effectively. It can be used in business but there is no reason why it can't be used to help facilitate global cooperation to change the world.

Energy Diamond's Atmascope Resonance Engine

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