China and the ruling clique (RC)

Daily Pickings has referred in the past to the oligarchy in China and the potential for an alliance with the ruling clique (RC). It would appear this strategy has been in gestation for decades, starting with the rise of Mao Zedong and accelerated under Deng Xiaoping. James Corbett explains the complexities of intergovernmental relationships and the pursuit of a one world government.


The one world government won't be obvious to most people but substantial elements of it already exist, in the form of the Financial Stability Board (chaired by the Bank of England's Governor, Mark Carney), the IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. The one world government will be established through (corporate and intergovernmental) alliances and trade agreements such as TTIP, CETA, TPP and TiSA. In the second part of this series, Corbett explains the role of Special Drawing Rights as the world's reserve (single) currency.

We need to understand where power lies to solve the many problems in the world.




0 #1 Arvind Parmessur 2015-01-13 21:54
That is not surprising. A Chinese Bank is amongst the 147 Org. that controls the World.
And matters have not changed for 1000 years:

Why would it change now?

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