That'll be the day

News of the possible reopening of the investigation into the plane crash which 56 years ago led to the deaths of Buddy Holly, Richie Valance and the Big Bopper received a smattering of publicity this week. The BBC slotted it in somewhere down the schedule of it's mid-week Radio 4 bulletins, hopefully reminding people that the investigation report into flight MH17 which crashed over the Ukraine last year is still due.

Weeks after the air tragedy over the Ukraine, James Corbett presented the results of the open source investigation that had been carried out by the Corbett Report on-line community. The hour long broadcast from August 26th 2014 tells how the story had all but disappeared from Western media's headlines.

Notes from the film above:

The MH17 story has all but disappeared from news media now that the actual facts of the investigation are not lining up exactly with what we have been told.

In days following the Western media were pointing the finger at Russia - Putin's missile.

Robert Parry Aug 3rd - Consortium news - evidence to turn the blame back on the Ukrainians. Counterpoint to the official story  (starts around 21:25 in film above )

Aug 8th : agreement is signed between the countries investigating the disaster which would classify their findings. Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria and Belgium sign a non-disclosure agreement. (22:25)

a look at this stage at the Official story.....
- within the first couple of days - John Kerry made his rounds of the breakfast time news shows and gave the official account of what had happened in the Ukraine to firmly point the finger at Russia - "Russia armed the separatists Russia, supported the separatists Russia and trained the separatists" (26:18 ) And this version has prevailed from the time of this broadcast right up to the present day.

Deputy spokesperson Harf - questioned about all US evidence seeming to come mainly from social media

Suggestion from Russian military of satellite detection of a Ukrainian military aircraft on the scene. (36:30)

Witness testimonies of a military aircraft tracking and following Flight MH17. It was later scrubbed by the BBC who stated the report didn't live up to BBC editorial standards. It survived as it was posted to youtube on July 23rd (37:57)

Bullet holes in the fuselage, corroborating evidence to another narrative? (38:52)

Cui Bono ? - one major outcome of this tragic incident was the US convinces Europe to further tighten sanctions on Russia. And also some very interesting information on Royal Dutch Shell and their suspension of a $10 billion investment in the Donetsk region of the Ukraine. (53:57)

James Corbett concludes that aside from all the pointing of fingers and mud-slinging, the conflict in the Ukraine brought about this tragedy and, as he signs off in August 2014, he hopes that dialogue will begin to de-escalate the conflict.

Unfortunately that's not been the case.

Today, information on the investigation into Malaysian flight MH17 is much harder to come across.

A few sources suggest that the report into the air disaster is due to be published in October 2015.

Perhaps the possible re-opening of the Buddy Holly air crash will speed things up, then who knows a re-opening of the disappearance of Glenn Miller's plane may lead to a thorough investigation into what happened to Malaysian flight 370

   Let's hope we don't have to wait another 56 years.


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