Ego and control

The great irony is that in this age of self-promotion and celebrity, ego is what makes us vulnerable to manipulation and conformity. Eccentricity and "originality" are revered but only where they are no threat to the Structural Elite.

Independent thought is suppressed and discouraged. Admission that our worldviews and opinions are wrong is more than our egos can bear.

IQ, Psy Ops and the “Civilization” of the Scam
Cognitive dissonance is the firewall that exists in most minds when confronted with a challenge to their basic beliefs about the world.  As it is human nature to avoid admitting being in error or having been duped, for most humans the ego zealously flees the admission to oneself of significant error.  Challenges to our worldviews or paradigms of belief are also quite jarring – they can unsettle our comfortable existence and lead us to question everything we held dear, and might even lead to psychological or spiritual crises when the consideration of being fundamentally in error is on the table.

But only by challenging our worldviews can we identify the root causes of the problems in the world and begin to address them.

Suppression of ego isn't only essential to see the world as it is rather than the illusion we hold but we also need to eschew fame, payment or recognition for our contribution to solving the problems of the world.


  • Writing the definitive academic paper;
  • to be singled out as the prize winning author, director, artist, academic, political, business, sporting or media personality;
  • to be fêted in media and achieve celebrity;
  • to accumulate money and status

- these are the rewards of the current political economy.

But it is this very incentive structure which eliminates cooperation because everyone is competing for status, money and recognition - to get to the answers before their peers. The system ensures that the real answer, fostering open, global dialogue and cooperation, never emerges. Ego gets in your eyes.

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