The cost of dissent

Three pieces of current news throw the cost of dissent into sharp relief.

First, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a totemic speech in Birmingham yesterday in which he announced new measures to tackle extremism in the UK which included "New powers to tackle cult leaders and those spreading extremist messages". Cameron condemns anyone challenging the fanciful official narratives of 9/11, 7/7 etc. as an extremist. His UN speech last year specifically itemised these two false flag operations and was aimed at bigging up the threat of ISIS which is itself a creation of NATO and Israel.

It's been revealed, by a Freedom of Information request, City of London police are using a slideshow presentation to teach primary school children that protest groups such as Occupy London are ‘extremists’ and a threat analogous to Al-Qaeda and the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

‘Bankers the real terrorists’: Occupy attacks London police for labeling protesters ‘extremists’
“This labelling and categorizing of democratic protesters shows how Occupy and the anarchist principles of mutual aid and non-hierarchy used scared the capitalist establishment of which the police are employed to protect,” she said.
“Not only were we labelled domestic extremists, companies such as Goldman Sachs were granted injunctions against us with no crime ever having been committed. Our freedoms of movement and our rights of association were compromised by this policing.”
“Make no mistake, the real terrorists threat to the UK is not a few people in tents, it is those at the top of the corporate and finance world who are creaming unimaginable personal wealth at the cost of creating a horrific future for humanity,” - Janie Mac

Matthew Varnham, director of human rights organization Legal Observers, told RT the sheer cost of policing recent democratic protests suggests the authorities continue to treat legitimate dissent as a serious threat.
The Metropolitan Police spent £1.9 million (US$2.96 billion) policing demonstrations outside Parliament from mid-October 2014 to mid-February 2015, according to figures retrieved by London Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones.
“Based on the basic officer salary being at £19,386 working 233 days per year this means, per day, policing the square could have paid for 1,354 police officers,” Varnham said.

The Occupy Democracy meetings in Parliament Square attracted draconian policing which involved trumped up offences used as a pretext to close down lawful assembly (to discuss the dire state of our democracy). It became an offence to sit on a tarpaulin; a charge which was thrown out of court yesterday. But this is a pyrrhic victory for protest. The aim is not to convict people for offences but to close down dissent by removing the boldest among groups from the scene as quickly as possible and to intimidate the remainder. This is the UK police state in action.

Representative democracy leads inevitably to oligarchy which is the prevailing model of governance today; corruption and collusion are rife and the system is beyond redemption.

The emergence of hierarchy at the point of surplus, arising from application of "technics", created the political economy which abuses so many today. It is not beyond the wit of humans to integrate the lessons of pre-literate societies with the power of technology and accumulated knowledge and wisdom to create an alternative non-hierarchical cooperative civilisation. If we don't change course voluntarily, it will be forced upon us and all possible scenarios in the current political economy involve mass death and destruction.

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