Waving not drowning

What is the significance of James Hansen (whose predictions of global warming disaster have proven consistently wrong) publicising a study, yet to be peer-reviewed, predicting dramatic sea-level rises within the next 50 years? Could it be the hype is to increase the momentum towards a global climate agreement at this year's climate conference in Paris? Such an agreement, would further erode national sovereignty and provide yet another building block towards a one world government. Once signed, it would be yet another pretext for bombing/invading recalcitrant nations, rather like the UN's Responsibility to Protect (R2P) resolution, adopted as a pretext to bomb Libya back to the dark ages; the country is now in chaos.

More responsible climate scientists are distancing themselves from the baseless claims in Hansen's study.

Hansen’s backfire by Judith Curry
"The new paper, which Hansen told me he’s been working on for eight years, was being rushed into public view with the hope of influencing negotiations at the December round of talks in Paris aimed at crafting a new global climate change agreement." - Andy Revkin

As a point of interest, it was Goldman Sachs, together with Al Gore, which created the Chicago Climate Exchange (and the European Climate Exchange) to make $billions from the trading of climate credits.

Is Hansen's study responsible science or agitation to frighten the ignorant further into slavery?

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