War is everywhere and expanding

The Age of Imperial Wars by Prof. James Petras
From Regional War, "Regime Change" to Global Warfare
"Imperial wars spawn local wars . . . igniting mass flights in a never-ending cycle.  There are no real diplomatic success stories!  There are no enduring, viable peace accords!"

Perpetual war serves multiple agendas:

  • Expansion of the military-security-industrial complex - rising profits from: more and more weapons; increased surveillance and monitoring technology;
  • Increased fear among populations making them malleable and easier to control;
  • Increased migration and refugees, creating greater division and pretext for yet more security, rendering native populations fearful and resentful, eager to embrace enslavement within the surveillance state - divide and control;
  • Acquisition of land and resources

"Winning" is not important, war is. Hence the creation of threats and aggressors to justify greater belligerence.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Friend of International Terrorism by Caleb Maupin
Despite her rhetoric, Rodham Clinton has undisputedly worked directly for the benefit of terrorism around the world. At least two groups that were legally designated as terrorist organizations by the US State Department have directly benefited from her support.

Meanwhile, Machiavellian political and economic predators of the Structural Elite shroud their machinations in layers of obfuscation and misdirection.

Kissinger: ‘Breaking Russia has become objective for US’
Kissinger lays the blame for sparking the conflict at the door of the EU, which proposed a trade deal in 2013, without considering how it would alienate Moscow, and divide the Ukrainian people.

No mention of the US funded coup d'etat in Kiev, orchestrated by Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria "F*ck the EU" Nuland; or the misleading claims of Russian invasion; or the false flag downing of MH17 - western intelligence services' fingerprints are all over these events.

Forget the US or EU agenda; this is a Structural Elite agenda for perpetual war, serving the interests of bankers, Zionists and the mega-rich. Any claims or pretensions that it is otherwise are just more layers of deception.


The only way these wars will stop is through transformation of the political economy. All wars are banksters wars.

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