Is Paul Mason an idiot or really quite clever?

A few months back at the launch of his book, Post Capitalism, Paul Mason was wowing (some of) us with a radical call for a change in our thinking – about technology, ownership and work in order to create the elements of the new system; we can say to ourselves, and to others: “This is no longer simply my survival mechanism, my bolt hole from the neoliberal world; this is a new way of living in the process of formation.”

This commendable, forward thinking, position appeared to come unstuck during an interview Mason recently did with Julian Assange from his sanctuary at the Ecuador Embassy in London.

Far from displaying any of the imagination he's been calling for, Mason ploughed in like an opinionated tabloid hack accusing Assange of reckless irresponsibility and backing it up with moronically simple examples. Assange remained calm throughout only raising his eyebrows when Mason's unrestrained bellowing bonkersness reached Sun headline levels - remember this is Channel 4.

And here might be the get out for Mr Mason and only if you are feeling extremely generous. In this appalling interview Julian Assange got to say a few vitally important things about the creation of ISIS that has not been getting through on the mainstream media:

PM: The other fear though is people who want to kill us are empowered by the unredacted intelligence, you came into here (Ecuador embassy) before the Islamic State existed.

JA: Where did the Islamic State come from?

PM: Oh are you part of the....are you part of you believe America created it?

JA: American destabilisation together with the destabilisation provided by Europe in Syria and Libya, together with the destabilisation provided by US allies Saudi, Qatar and Turkey is what has created the Islamic State and it is what continues to propel the Islamic State.
.......It is the failure of the press here to properly cover what has been happening in Syria has led to the Islamic State. Now that is a very very serious phenomenon; that the intelligence agencies have run amuck, that military suppliers have run amuck, Saudi, Qatar and Turkey have run amuck and as a result we now have a situation where we have the Islamic State, where we have incredible refugee flows coming through Europe......(Paul Mason finally shouts over this bit)

PM: The Islamic State is running amuck so which side are you on when the Islamic State murders a gay man for being gay?

JA: Well we wouldn't have the Islamic State if we had a proper view of how foreign policy works in practice.

PM: That may be true.

In a comment left under the interview on youtube Josef Kinder says: "I kind of get the impression that Paul Mason does not really understand what's going on....." That may or may not be true? 


0 #2 Clive Menzies 2015-09-10 22:17
Quoting Duncan Pugh:
giving him the opportunity to defend himself in the context of MSM speak?
You may be right; MSM journalists walk the line between telling the truth and maintaining their profile/job.

That said, he gave a really coherent "Global Uprisings" talk two years ago and it was promptly followed by him debunking 9/11 for Channel 4 News. There's a difference between remaining mute on matters of importance and actively lending credence to lies, misdirection and misinformation.

9/11 lies at the root of the wars of the 21st Century
0 #1 Duncan Pugh 2015-09-10 13:33
really quite clever I reckon ... as tabloid as his questions may appear Assange was given the opportunity to respond. If you are referring to the redaction of documents for reasons of national security and the way he kept on about it maybe he was sincerely giving him the opportunity to defend himself in the context of MSM speak?

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