New phase in the war on us all

9/11 was the trigger for the war on terror, to justify illegal wars and the pretext for the encroaching police state, supposedly "to keep us safe" but in reality to close down dissent against US imperialism.



As more people awaken to the reality: that 9/11 and subsequent false flag terrorist attacks are just that, false, a new strategy is emerging: to deliver genuine threats to our doorstep. The following article suggests EU "elites" are bending to US will. This is a mis-characterisation. Politicians and bureaucrats aren't elites but elevated cattle, rewarded and controlled to do the bidding of the Structural Elite.

‘US Seek to Control the EU Elites via Refugee Crisis’ by Andrew Korybk
When one plays with terrorists, they’re bound to get hurt sooner or later, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen with ISIL, the Fake Syrian Army (FSA), and others using the refugee crisis as a plausible cover to infiltrate into the heart of Europe. As is always the case, any forthcoming explosion of terrorism would only be in the US’ interests as it seeks to divide Europe and concurrently justify its military occupation of the continent.

Hitherto, the UK and other western media have emphasised the "home grown" extremist threat - a narrative initiated by 7/7, likely another false flag and reinforced with others such as the Charlie Hebdo attack. Now however, a deliberate policy of importing terrorists among the thousands of desperate refugees flooding Europe is taking shape. The destruction of Libya heralded the establishment of a multinational terrorist entity, created and supported by Israel, NATO and the Gulf states' monarchies. As Gaddafi and others predicted, we've opened Pandora's box: IS (ISIL, ISIS etc.) recruits and Israel/NATO trains anyone prepared to travel to wreak death and destruction in the name of Islam.

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander
Tarkhan Batirashvili was a natural military star when he joined Georgia’s military
Fought the Russians during 2008 war, but left Georgia for Turkey in 2012
In Syria, he’s known as Abu Omar al Shishani, commander in several major victories

The refugee crisis provides cover for those intent on widening the conflict into Europe and beyond. Already the US/EU fomented civil war in Ukraine has broken the fragile post-war peace in Europe. The stability and relative safety we've enjoyed, while wreaking havoc across the Middle East and beyond, is coming to an end. Unless we take control of our governments and remove the power of the Structural Elite we risk widespread chaos, death and destruction across the continent. But media are whipping up division and conflict as public opinion polarises between sympathy for refugee victims and fear/anger directed towards these same victims because it is likely that some may not be what they claim.

The only way to escape this chaos is to dismantle the system which is driving this strategy for the collapse of our civilisation. The biggest obstacle is not the political class but their masters, the Structural Elite. Their primary lever of power is control of money. If we don't take it away Europe will be plunged into chaos once again. Take a leaf out of Iceland's book - lock up the criminal bankers and take back our countries!

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