Russian perspective on "The New Middle East”

BBC and other western media (covering the wars in the Middle East) fabricated a narrative which would have you believe US/NATO et al are striving for peace by making war - 14 years on from the opening of the illegal war on Afghanistan and the subsequent genocidal mayhem across the Middle East and beyond - that narrative is clearly false. The objective has always been perpetual war; whether the puppets or elevated cattle who implement policy realise this is debatable but all the evidence points to fabrication of threats to justify more war and chaos.

Russia's recent arrival in Syria poses an existential threat to ISIS (undoubtedly a US/NATO asset) and has set the  "cat among the pigeons" leaving western media floundering for a coherent narrative, not least because the US/NATO alliance continues to supply arms to ISIS and its affiliates, a fact which is becoming harder to conceal.

So perhaps a non-western perspective will help understanding; Andrew Korybko provides some insights into Russia's motivation and objectives.

“The New Middle East”: Russian Style - Part I by Andrew Korybko
The US’ plan to construct a “New Middle East”, announced during the failed 2006 Israeli War on Lebanon, has been totally offset by Russia’s game-changing anti-terrorist intervention in Syria. Although no formal details were ever officially provided as to what this “New Middle East” would look like, many caught on that it would likely follow the destructive contours of Ralph Peters’ “Blood Borders”, in which the entire region falls apart along ethnic and sectarian lines in a Yinon-esque scenario. In fact, the fulfillment of this strategy is one of the main reasons why the “Arab Spring” theater-wide Color Revolutions and the War on Syria were unleashed, but all of that is proving to be for naught now that Russia brilliantly flipped the initiative and has indisputably become the leading actor in the Mideast.

“The New Middle East”: Russian Style. The Resistance Arc is Reborn - Part IIA by Andrew Korybko
The first part of the article touched upon the defining elements that constitute the paradigm shift created by the Coalition of the Righteous (COR), so it’s time to examine the geopolitical consequences of this game-changing development. Each observation deals either with an analyzed observation or a forecasted scenario, and everyone is integral in understanding the “New Middle East” that’s taking shape under Russian stewardship. The first section addresses the COR crescent between Lebanon and Iran, while the second one looks at the US’ crumbling geopolitical pillars of Saudi Arabia and Turkey

“The New Middle East”: Russian Style. The Saudis are Running Scared - Part IIB by Andrew Korybko
This section examines how and why the two formerly most stable states in the Mideast (at least according to conventional Western understanding) have become the ones facing the greatest prospects of full-scale destabilization: The combined effect of the Coalition of the Righteous’ (COR) successes sends chills down the Saudis’ spine, since they’re watching their regional proxies get wiped out to the benefit of geopolitical rival Iran

The best thing the US/NATO /Israel and the rest can do is step away and remove support for ISIS - an unlikely prospect but if more people in the west understand what's really going on, perhaps we can remove the elevated cattle, take back the levers of power and return to sanity.

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