Removing the veils

Russia, the Kurds and the Syrian Army are driving back Islamic State (IS) and cutting its supply lines. Russian intervention exposed US/NATO/Israel's claim of fighting ISIS as a lie, while the real "strategy" becomes ever more obvious. The capture of NATO arms shipments to the region, the shiny new Toyotas provided by the US State department and UK special forces dressed up as ISIS fighters betray that lie. IS (ISIL, ISIS etc.) is their creation and ally. Rather than fighting ISIS, the US/NATO/Israel/Turkey and the Gulf oil states are using ISIS for their own agendas:

  • US/NATO acting under orders from the Structural Elite pursuing "full spectrum dominance";
  • Israel - the Yinon plan to balkanise the Middle East;
  • UK/NATO are integral to bringing down Bashar Assad in Syria, thus removing another obstacle to one world government with Syria's allies Iran and Russia as the next targets;
  • Turkey is working to eliminate their Kurdish population's ambition for self-determination;
  • Gulf states are committed to bringing down Assad.

US-Turkey “Buffer Zone” to Save ISIS, Not Stop Them by Tony Cartalucci
Russia’s intervention in Syria has derailed US regime-change efforts aimed at Damascus. It also threatens America’s secondary objective of dividing and destroying Syria as a functioning, unified nation-state. Long sought after “buffer zones” also sometimes referred to as “free zones” or “safe zones” still stand as the primary strategy of choice by the US and its regional allies for the deconstruction of Syria’s sovereignty and the intentional creation of a weak, failed state not unlike what the US and NATO left within the borders of Libya since 2011.

Media, western governments and pundits would have us believe that each new "crisis" (eg. IS and mass immigration) came out of nowhere; whereas the reality is that everything is connected and deliberately planned. Successive crises destabilise nations to make them more controllable and less of a threat to ambitions for one world government - yesterday, Daily Pickings referred to divide and control. Mass migration in Europe is the next phase in the war on us all and has been carefully choreographed to balkanise Europe and bring restive populations into line.

Nikolai Starikov points the finger at the US and the UK (Anglo-Saxons) but this ignores the control of both by the Structural Elite (along with the EU, UN etc.). He is seemingly unaware of the Zionist banking dynasties which drive the Structural Elite agenda. Until we remove the veils of deception to correctly identify the real culprits and remove their power, perpetual war will continue.

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