Bankster games

Argentina and Venezuela have been neatly tucked back into the Structural Elite fold leaving Ecuador and Bolivia exposed. Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution not only transformed the lives of Venezuelans but along with Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, created a new progressive dynamic across Latin America, underpinned by Venezuela's oil revenues.

Bolivia has been undergoing a transformation under the stewardship of Evo Morales, the indigenous president who rose to power following the "water wars" with US Bechtel corporation. Progressive policies have reduced poverty and increased civic participation while hydrocarbon revenues have reduced dependence on the IMF and the World Bank (until recently).

Bolivian Independence from the World Bank and IMF
Bolivians’ popular uprising in 2000 against Bechtel put the issue of water privatization and World Bank policies in the international spotlight.

However, Morales and his compatriots have succumbed to the global warming myth, taking out a £200m World Bank loan for disaster relief and climate risk management. This is the thin end of the wedge. Absent the unity with Argentina and Venezuela, other countries such as Bolivia will be "picked off" one by one. Economic warfare, sabotage and a global media onslaught arrested the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and sank Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's successor in the recent presidential election in Argentina, heralding re-imposition of the Shock Doctrine.

The Shock Doctrine is driven by banks acquiring assets through privatisation and imposition of debt; the World Bank and IMF are integral to this process.

One can easily understand the motivation for poor Latin American countries to embrace "climate change" - it is a potential source of recompense for centuries of exploitation and abuse by Spain, Britain and the US. However, climate change is a Trojan horse for one world government which has already captured the environmental movement and if it continues to be relied on by poor countries like Bolivia, it will undo all their progress to date.

The foundations for the global warming scam were laid decades ago by Edmond de Rothschild, David Rockefeller (behind WWF, one of the major influences in promoting the alarmist global warming myth) and Maurice Strong with the launch of the Rothschild controlled International Conservation Bank and calls for a global agreement to limit carbon emissions back in 1992, long before any evidence of human induced climate change was cooked up.

The post-mortem over the recent Venezuelan election and discussion of how to secure the Bolivarian Revolution exposes the visible elements of the Structural Elite strategy but most people fail to recognise that this is not a socialist v capitalist issue. The crux of the problem is concentrated power and hierarchical institutions.

The only durable solution to this constant war between the Structural Elite and humanity is to dissolve hierarchy, share the value of the commons and prohibit interest. Then we will all be playing on a level playing field rather than be victims of the rigged game conducted by the banksters and the Structural Elite.

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