Fake tragedy media

OK. The first casualty in war is truth but surely the BBC's blatant falsification of news reports out of Madaya in Syria are way beyond what is acceptable from any news media, let alone the UK's public service broadcaster.

Madaya Fake Media Images: BBC Caught Recycling 2014 Footage from Yarmouk
Since the story of the Madaya “starvation” broke seemingly hours after the Saudi lawless and brutal execution of inspirational opposition speaker and cleric Sheikh Nimr, we have been presented with a ceaseless array of fake images many of which have been corrected or withdrawn by the offending mainstream media outlets but then relentlessly and brazenly recycled, regardless, by the social media propaganda rings.


West Media Starves Truth in Syria by Finian Cunningham
The Western news media are at it again – telling barefaced lies and half-truths about starving towns in Syria being liberated from sieges. Fake images of emaciated children are also being published to shore up their fraudulent narrative.

Let's not forget the repeated attempts to foment all out war on Syria, relying on the BBC's false narrative of Assad using chemical weapons on his own people - another NATO sanctioned and facilitated atrocity committed by Al Qaeda/Islamic State or any of the other brand names applied to NATO's mercenary army being used to take over Syria.

Meanwhile, 38 Degrees is circulating a petition to "save" the BBC from that other purveyor of lies, Rupert Murdoch. Perhaps it would be best to let the BBC be destroyed. Its undeserved reputation as an unbiased source of news and analysis would go, as would much of its "quality" output but all BBC output is framed in such a way as to promote the overriding Structural Elite agenda; everything the BBC does is tainted - not least its sycophantic programming in awe of monarchy.

We'd be far better off without the BBC - people may then be persuaded to look beyond the usual media and find news and analysis which reflects reality. Daily Pickings refers to numerous independent sources of information; here are a few:

The Corbett Report

Tragedy and Hope

Global Research

Information Clearing House

However, news and analysis are not like your favourite coffee or restaurant; one cannot just go to a usual source and accept their output at face value - we need to contrast and compare information from multiple independent sources; it takes work but one is much better informed and equipped to cope with life than those who rely on the BBC and Fox News.

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