Chemtrails: the secret war

As "conspiracy theories" go, chemtrails are particularly baffling; not because they aren't real but because they really are "hidden" in plain site. Most people just don't seem to notice.

Many people on the "left" are particularly resistant to the suggestion that weather manipulation may be part of the climate change circus which has developed over the last 20 years. Extreme weather events are far more likely to be the product of weather manipulation than "climate change". The 2012 IPCC SREX report confirmed there is no correlation between global temperatures and extreme weather. Weather warfare may have been responsible for the 2006-10 drought in Syria which sowed the seeds for the fomented uprising and subsequent attempts by the US/UK/Israel/Turkey/Saudi axis to unseat Bashar al Assad.

Anyone who knows anything about the physics of condensation trails (contrails) from aircraft jet engines and observes what's happening in our skies knows these permanent, ugly chemtrails which permeate the skies are not natural but deliberate and dangerous. The good news is that more people are beginning to wake up to chemtrails and ask questions. This documentary comes from Italy; chemtrails are a global phenomenon.

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The war on humanity has many facets and is consistent with all the revelations of the Structural Elite's ambitions such as the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Strong plans for a worldwide wilderness disclosed at the 1992 UNCED conference.

Our defence and protection is open discussion of these threats. We need to heighten awareness to create sufficient will and momentum to take back the power from the Structural Elite. Only by taking control over our lives, individually, communally and collaboratively, can we reverse the disastrous course of humanity.


0 #1 Arvind Parmessur 2016-04-22 12:23
This is the best explanation,and the science behind it, about Chem-trails I have seen so far.

To my mind, people who watch it should not have any doubt that this is not a "conspiracy" but documented fact.

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