Information pathways

As is oft repeated in Daily Pickings, the battle is for our minds. Information is distorted, suppressed or manufactured to manipulate our perceptions and behaviour. What is needed is a free open source equivalent to the free software movement: an information network that is impossible to distort - a tall order but perhaps this new initiative has potential to pioneer a path for truly open information highways.

A Next-Generation Social Media Network
Powered by the Ethereum world computer
Embedded into the Inter-Planetary File System

A half-way house to "citizen journalism" is Newsbud - a new, independent media venture involving some respected sources of research and analysis. It is seeking to compete with the media conglomerates and has that much in its favour. However, in so far as it involves a hierarchical structure, it is vulnerable to the problems of hierarchy - nonetheless it would be churlish to suggest it is not worth supporting because we need alternative narratives to counter the propaganda from most media sources.

Hierarchy inevitably entails "professionalism" and specialisation which has a place but we shouldn't underestimate the value of committed amateurs - activists, citizen journalists etc. An unconditional citizens dividend (UCD) would allow anyone and everyone to contribute information, analysis and interpretation to an ecosystem of information networks - this is a powerful argument for making UCD a priority.

UCD would alleviate poverty, eliminate gender inequality and create truly independent citizens to form a vibrant, non-hierarchical, global society.

"We are like a person tied to a chair in a room; we cannot free ourselves to see what's happening outside the room". As long as our means to life is tied to compliance with the system, we cannot think or write impartially nor act independently.

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