Unaccountable, concentrated power

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to @FCriticalThink followers and their common antipathy to unaccountable, concentrated power - this is the primary consideration when considering how to vote in the UK referendum on whether to remain within, or leave, the EU. There are many facets to the EU's dictatorship but its primary function is to benefit the bankster-led Structural Elite and further their ambition for a one world government.

If we remain within Europe, it is likely the UK will have to eventually join the Euro; any protestations to the contrary are pretty meaningless - the EU has form when it comes to imposing laws and regulations, irrespective of the wishes of the people within nation states. Economics drives politics and money drives economics (although most economists are ignorant of how and why). This latest planned treaty to "maintain stability of the Euro" reveals the true ambition: to completely negate democracy.

This next video may repel some viewers because of the ideological perspectives of some of the interviewees but if one focuses on the anti-democratic aspects, it's message is powerful. One doesn't need to agree with all the arguments expressed to learn from the content.

Finally, Brexit was discussed at a recent Critical Thinking session, following a Daily Pickings post on the subject. There is a distracting sound of crisp consumption in the first ten minutes of this video but it doesn't render the recording inaudible. Note to selves - don't attempt to eat crisps when recording discussions.

Our survival as a civilisation requires devolution of power to the people - continuing membership of the EU will further concentrate unaccountable power. We're all Europeans and the vibrant diversity of cultures across Europe is its special appeal but the EU is all part of the plan is to destroy that diversity. The choice, when voting in the referendum is stark: freedom or slavery.

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