Escaping the lie we live

If Daily Pickings has an overarching theme, it is that nothing is as it seems; we live a lie.

What can we do about it? The first step is to refuse to accept the lie. However, in seeking to identify the "enemy" we must look within ourselves. We are "they" because our consent and compliance drive the system of our own enslavement. The change must come from within ourselves. We must jettison our belief in authority and know that we, individually and collectively, are responsible.

When we, individually, take responsibility for the lie, we are beginning on the road to help transform the political economy. The transformation of the political economy requires a shift in human consciousness which sounds like an impossible task but it doesn't require a large proportion of the global population, only sufficient numbers to precipitate an abrupt change in attitude and behaviour.

GlobalNet21 is hosting a webinar on Tuesday (13th September) evening at 7pm (London time) to discuss Critical Action. The hour long webinar will start with a short presentation followed by Q&A. To join the webinar, click the following link:

Register if you are interested and cannot join as you will then be sent a recording.

Transformation requires knowledge, understanding and wisdom but deep knowledge, required for understanding, remains concealed by the Structural Elite to deny us the means to life and self-determination.

The internet has provided access to that knowledge but it lies buried beneath layers of obfuscation and deception. People are now discovering, collating and sharing that knowledge. Understanding is growing. A global community is developing to transform the political economy.

We can help bring about a paradigm shift, through developing understanding and sharing it within families, communities and beyond.

Gurdjieff suggests harmonisation of the wisdom of the East with the energy of the West is essential for the survival of humanity.

We need to understand the biggest barrier to wisdom and understanding which resides in us all: ego

The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Really Begun – New Research Confirms by Frank M. Wanderer
1. Reduction in the functions of Ego
2. Transcending the functions of Ego
3. Alert consciousness in the present

Because if we do, transforming the political economy becomes not only possible but inevitable.


Today is the 15th anniversary of the biggest lie of the 21st century. We are expected to believe this:

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