Order followers

In the Matrix, the US election matters but in the real world, under Trump, Clinton or Mickey Mouse, the trajectory towards a one world government remains unaltered. Nonetheless, out of the following "left" perspective on Trump's victory comes sound advice for us all: "stop thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is evil... talk to them without insults or being offended." Open dialogue with our so called "enemies" is essential to reverse the tragic course of human history.

Why is the US presidential election irrelevant? Because like all the other technocrats in positions of power, the US president is an "order follower" - they've made a Faustian pact to betray and abuse their fellow humans. We are complicit and culpable because we tolerate evil and no longer differentiate between right and wrong. Emotion trumps thought and the "intelligentsia" promote moral relativism. We've lost our moral compass.

What has emerged and spread, in spite of most media ignoring it, are the Podesta emails referring to paedophilia and Satanism. Mark Passio explains how such practices have been fostered to enslave the participants and insulate those who pull the puppet strings from Kharmic retribution. It is the foundation of global power.

Before we get carried away with notions that Trump will "drain the swamp": he moves in the same sinister circles of power.

Mark's passion is self-evident and the piece is imperfect in some respects but his analysis is fundamentally sound. If we want to understand who rules, how and why, the video is essential viewing. Mark sees little evidence of awareness growing but that such dark issues are emerging into the light suggests he's wrong.

The UK's paedophilia scandal, unleashed by revelations of the activities of Jimmy Savile and his powerful influence in circles of power, confirms this is not an exclusively US problem. Nor is it confined to the English speaking world. It is rampant across corrupt hierarchical institutions.

We can never change this system from within because everyone in positions of power has made the same Faustian pact to no longer discriminate between right and wrong, if only through their silence.

The system is beyond redemption but humanity is not.

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