Pieces of the jigsaw to eradicate fear

We're trained from birth into childish dependency through multi-layered, ideologically induced fear and distraction therapy, dividing us from the "other" who we see as a threat. Our loyalty is to our "clique" (race, religion, culture, left, right etc.) reinforced through fear for ourselves and our families which makes us controllable. Catch 22. We can't move to a better future until we lose our fear, most specifically of death, ours and of those we love.

We have to lose our fear.

We need to unlearn ideology and embrace our fellow humans via interconnected networks of common, mutually inclusive communities. Working, as in nature, within a non-hierarchical ecology of human families and communities to co-create the future for humanity, with all the benefits of accumulated knowledge and technology, while discovering what it is to be human.

A lesser ambition won't drive people to commit their time and energy to collaborate and co-create a new political economy.

So how do we lose our fear? Through learning and exploration, in collaboration with others, to build an understanding of the world as it is and how to change it. John Taylor Gatto and Richard Grove offer many pieces of the jigsaw in discussion during the five hour Ultimate History Lesson, essential building blocks to eradicate fear.

There are many other lessons to learn from many sources - cumulatively, they form the building blocks of understanding which will lead to transformation.

But the race is on. Will human consciousness shift before the sh*t hits the fan?

Hard on the heels of those who are awakening, is the thundering herd of ignorant humanity stampeding all over us through fear of the system which is creating ever more mayhem, division and distraction.

The tide is turning. It's early days but we can smell the love in the air in spite of the stench of corruption.

Lose our fear and love will follow.

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