Golden elevator

According to Wikiquote, Sun Tzu may have said: "Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across" which can be interpreted as "Show him there is a road to safety..."

In as much as we are the power of the political economy which oppresses us, we all need a golden bridge or road to safety. We need a golden bridge for humanity to take that first step to withdraw consent. A bridge to entice us to reject the lies. We can then take the high speed golden elevator to the next evolutionary level for humans, global collective intelligence.


Pre-literate societies flourished on collective intelligence but they were ignorant in some respects, not least of many possibilities for change and technology. When change came, through the emergence of hierarchy, it was double edged; technological progress came at the expense of collective intelligence, our birthright and freedom - we abdicated responsibility for ourselves and each other.

The advent of the internet has provided the means to build a golden bridge to recover that collective intelligence globally and harness its power to create new possibilities for us all. By opening our eyes, questioning everything we think we know and talking to others, we are on the golden elevator to a world of new possibilities where we are all polymaths and architects of the future we want for ourselves, our children and future generations. But first we must build a golden bridge to truth and understanding.

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