Reasons to be fearful

Fear stalks the world in many guises but do we have reasons to be fearful? Some cite the threat of war with Russia but there's no evidence that the Russian people, nor her leadership want war.

Sandwiching NATO in Ukraine, by Scott Humor
“Europe faces the risk of another major war. In 1939, Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland triggered the Second World War. Today the possible trip wire is not Poland, but Ukraine. And the aggressor will not be Adolf Hitler, but Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.”
That’s a statement; it’s not an analyses, or expert opinion, its a statement of intent.

In some respects, this prospect of confrontation is rooted in cultural attitudes which, in the West, have been fomented through media and politics, pitting "traditionalists" against so called "liberals" but liberalism has taken on a sinister guise, a form of tyranny.

Alexander Dugin on the Heartland versus the Heartless: The Neocon and Neoliberal Plan for Russia (and America) by James Wald
Today, in realizing the ‘liberty from’, we understand ever better that this nihilistic agenda is leading us to an abyss.… A declaration of individual freedom in effect means total dependence of the common man on the oligarchy. Individual freedom abolishes all forms of collective identity. One is not allowed to be a supporter of a national state or a religious institution, because this is not politically correct.

There is a domestic dimension to fear in Europe arising from the new phase in the war on us all - induced mass migration. The forces of law and order are struggling to cope with rising violence and overt assertion of immigrant power; this is particularly acute in France (as evidenced by unreported riots) and Sweden where women have become targets of violent aggression.

In the schools, one can see the war coming John Dübeck, High school teacher of English and history
Sweden is not immune from civil war. Especially not when the media and politicians help to whip up hatred between the ethnic groups that exist in reality. The media and the politicians are fully aware of the situation. They divide and rule in order to maintain their power. Lack of seeing the reality can not explain it. Everything is clear to all who choose to see. Those who seek power will always find ways to divide people and call it compassion.

Refusal to confront and discuss emotive issues such as race, culture and Jewish power over media, academia, money and politics is leading us to dark places. Only light and visibility will show us the way forward into a new paradigm where such differences are eclipsed by our common interest. We have a choice, to live in fear of the "other" or confront our fears head on to discover that once we strip away ideology and distrust, we all want the same things for ourselves, our families and communities: to live in freedom, harmony and prosperity.

From here this looks almost impossible but it's not.


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