Sex, money, murder and organ transplants

Paedophilia and human trafficking operate on multiple levels and when celebrity speaks, it is tempting to throw our support behind everything they propose, following our natural sympathy and empathy.

* the above video clip has been removed but it can be seen here:

But before getting carried away with an emotive response, let's examine one of Ashton's specific proposals, to break anonymity on the internet; he refers to Tor. The biggest threat to us all is centralised power and the surveillance state. The US, UK and Israeli intelligence services collude to gather information, close down dissent and control us all. So before we applaud his demand for breaking anonymity on the web, let's think.

The rot of paedophilia in society stems from the top; paedophilia is a means of control and is fostered and encouraged accordingly.

Before going after the "non-authorised" perpetrators who are the inevitable foot soldiers of the human sex and trafficking industry, let's remove the levers of power from those at the top of the pyramid. They've corrupted our society by using media to seduce, kidnap, abuse and murder our children.

As commendable as Ashton's work is, he should look to Hollywood and media industry before pointing the finger elsewhere to get us to submit to yet more draconian control over our lives. Paedophilia is rife within media and media is a primary lever of control - always think of the whole system because knee-jerk, emotional reactions endanger our children and our future. Ashton Kuthcher's video is designed to elicit an emotional response... and it works (don't forget, he's a trained actor) - so let's not be played, eh?

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