Who rules over us?

Critical Thinking's research and analysis reveals where power over global politics and the military-intelligence, media-academic complex (MIMAC) resides, among the Structural Elite. But there is a deeper question which cannot be ignored; is there a darker power which holds sway either among or over the Structural Elite? This question has the effect of "turning people off". Either it is too deep or too frightening for many to contemplate and they retreat into the comfort of the familiar distractions and illusions, ie. the Matrix.

While, understanding where true power lies isn't essential to know how to remove the levers of power from their grasp, for we who want to know the truth of our condition, it is insufficient or cowardly not to explore further, wherever the trail leads us.

Knowledge is power and deeper knowledge, available to ancient civilisations, appears to be withheld from us. This knowledge may be key to transformation and our liberation. We cannot shy away from what may frighten or repel us in our search for truth.

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