Connectivity and food

The video in the post below raises some fundamental issues but in some ways it is too pessimistic in missing essential elements which can transform the global political economy and feed the world.

Connectivity: Part of the food revolution (25 minute video)
Hunger has been a problem that the world has faced throughout time, and the problem is not only getting worse, it has reached epic proportions in places you would ever imagine, like in Europe and the US.

Daily Pickings has suggested permaculture is one of the essential ingredients for human survival and recently highlighted the potential of fungi to provide nutrition and other benefits in hostile environments.

To rebuild family and community, we need to recover connectivity with nature and each other; a good way to do this is by starting with food.


0 #1 James Walter 2017-03-15 10:11
People want more meat and fish - this cannot be done for 8.5 billion people. Imagine telling people in the US they must eat Tofu and Mushrooms instead of meat and fish. There are massive die offs in the oceans. The sea floors are being scraped clean by 5 mile long steel nets. Add to that, Fukushima in the Pacific.

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