Metaphors with purpose

If you have time, have a look at @FCriticalThink's followers on Twitter. First of all, this is not about numbers but diversity. What is extraordinary and wonderful is the wide spectrum of followers when viewed through various lenses: political, cultural, national and more.

Irrespective of differences, @FCriticalThink's followers share a common humanity and love of truth. Discovery of the truth is a journey and the signposts or guides to truth come in different forms. Empirical evidence and Abstract Rationality will get us so far but we need to go beyond what is measurable and demonstrable to a deeper level of thinking and awareness. What emerges from the mist on this journey is how theology and philosophy are full of metaphors for the essential conception of the universe and our connection with it.

Myths, stories and legends are metaphors for the human condition and having reached a staging post of understanding - that the universe is love manifest as energy within receptive space - new possibilities for humanity emerge.

The lesson from Critical Thinking and our followers on Twitter is that we, humanity, can collaborate and co-create globally, traversing ideological differences, to reach a common understanding of the universe and our place within it. Once we interpret metaphors correctly to recognise their true meaning, we are on the next rung of the ladder of evolution.

This is nothing to do with how many follow @FCriticalThink but is the strength of truth emerging once ideas resonate within an ecosystem of thinking and reflection among groups and individuals around the world.

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