Why would anything have changed?

From time to time, paedophilia scandals emerge, invariably after the death of specific culprits and the media/taliking heads go into overdrive to declare their outrage and incredulity that such things could have gone on in plain sight.

Reportedly, Savile told the Israeli cabinet that he "was very disappointed: the Israelis had won the Six Day War but they had given back all the land, including the only oil well in the region, and were now paying the Egyptians more for oil than if they had bought it from Saudi Arabia."

The Savile case goes to the heart of the establishment, as do the crimes of Ted Heath, Leon Brittain, Greville Janner and many more. Furthermore, the silencing of witnesses remains unquestioned.

But the most pertinent question remains, why are we prepared to allow this to be regarded as an historic "problem" rather than the ongoing, default means of controlling the elevated cattle (order followers) in the UK, US, Europe and beyond?

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