Beware what we let into our minds

On Friday, Daily Pickings referred to cognitive dissonance with a link to an article on Jay's Analysis, IQ, Psy Ops and the “Civilization” of the Scam. Bruce's comment to the article yesterday explains how selective information intended to provoke a reaction is an obstacle to understanding.

Bruce March 18, 2017 at 9:01 pm
I had thought when I was yelling at the television, talk radio or blogging, I was my own man, an independent thinker. I couldn’t see that I was only REACTING to whatever was put in front of me. I was having virtually no PROACTIVE or CREATIVE thought processes. In other words, my IMAGINATION had been lulled to sleep. Finally, after months of no regular TV (my wife an I are still movieholics), I began to understand what Mr. Rappoport was so concerned about. Simply being aware that I was being propagandized did not offer protection against at least some of that propaganda’s deleterious effects – and those effects had nothing to do with “what I did or didn’t think”, but plenty to do with “shutting down my creative or imaginative thinking completely”.
My advice at this point is “BEWARE WHAT WE ALLOW INTO OUR MINDS”…when we can, because there’s some serious shit going on.

Until we abandon the habits of watching mainstream news, reading free newspapers (or any newspapers come to that) and reliance on conventional, traditional sources of information, we are controlled. Simply being aware of the process is not enough; we have to disengage, at least until we can critique the propaganda with the more plausible narrative: that everything is connected and the serious shit is the result of three fundamental flaws in the political economy.

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