Ominous continuities

John Talyor Gatto refers to ominous continuities when discussing evolution of the political economy. Daily Pickings has highlighted many ominous continuities over the last 5 years to show how they are connected in the context of Critical Thinking's analysis of the political economy.

Growing awareness of these ominous continuities is increasing the momentum for, and the possibility of, change. Which is why attempts to share important information are being targeted to close them down. The techniques vary from denial to attacking the sources and if all else fails, removal of the source either through censorship or more direct means.

In the realms of censorship, Daily Pickings often finds links to videos and other sources break after a while, presumably because someone objects to the way these sources are used to expose the system of corruption and those complicit in various crimes against us all.

Two recent examples are in sensitive areas: the holocaust and sex traffic. Often the offending videos or articles pop up elsewhere and the links can be restored from other sources. Thus the video link in the holocaust post has been restored.

The sex trafficking post (including paedophilia) contained video from Ashton Kutcher's impassioned plea to a recent Senate hearing - to close down internet privacy. In the same way that "fake news" backfired on the lying media who originated the même, perhaps those in Hollywood glass houses shouldn't "throw stones" and someone is worried about blowback?

The Senate hearing, from which the original clip was taken, is still available in this next article; Ashton's "bit" starts at 17 minutes and 25 seconds in.

Ashton Kutcher Gives Emotional Testimony At Hearing To End Modern Slavery

Paedophilia is rife within media and media is a primary lever of control. Ashton Kutcher's video is designed to elicit an emotional response... and it works (don't forget, he's a trained actor). As stated yesterday, we must "beware what we let into our minds"

Hollywood has apparently moved on from cocaine and sex parties to an obsession with politics - perhaps this is the new currency of success in the movie industry. How much are you aiding the Structural Elite agenda by listening to these people? Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Ashton Kutcher and many others are propaganda shock troops.

Hollywood Is Addicted to Politics by Kevin D. Williamson
It’s the new cocaine, class warfare the new progressivism

Don't trust any "authority" particularly celebrity because they are acting to a script and that script is written for the benefit of the usual suspects.

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