Fear factory

Yesterday, Daily Pickings referred to the need, in spite of our reluctance for fear of being excluded from our peer group and vilified, to explore society's deepest taboos. Fear is a formidable motivation and weapon of control; by keeping us "unconscious" and in fear we remain controllable and docile, like domesticated cattle.

Not only is "terrorism" a profit centre but is a lever for fear. That we are six times more likely to die in the bath than from an act of terror is immaterial when we succumb to the fear factory.

It is way too early to understand the causes and purpose of this week's attack in Westminster, London UK but what is certain is that whatever impressions and understanding we have from the media, we are being played, again. One only has to ask cui bono and be aware of precedents, without jumping to conclusions, for the familar pattern to emerge. The alleged perpetrator was "known" to the authorities and may have been manipulated to act a part; patsies are frequently used as unwitting actors in a fabricated drama. Dead men tell no tales and Khalid Masood is no longer available to explain his actions - rather convenient, huh?

Meanwhile, counterclaims and contradictions fuel our confusion; from the story that the perpetrator was a "lone wolf" to reports that ISIS claimed responsibility for the Westminster attack and other arrests made in connection with the police investigation, we are left with the overriding impression that we are being targeted. Those (many of us) familiar with the location, having been there many times ourselves, feel threatened even more - we could have been there. But before our imaginations run riot let's consider proportionality and equivalence. The UK is supporting the destruction of yet another country, the murder of thousands and the displacement and persecution of many more. Where is our guilt and empathy for the Yemeni people? We know the victims of the Westminster attack no better than the many Yemenis suffering from UK backed Saudi genocide but we become obsessed with the former while ignoring the latter.

The fear factory is a product of institutionalised hierarchy and our only escape is to reject the purveyors of lies and hysteria. Yes we should have sympathy for all real victims of terror but first we must acknowledge that we, in our ignorance, are the main source of terror in the world. Our compliance with the political economy perpetuates terror. We can reject it, in our heads and, in time, in our lives. Until all people are free (to live in peace and harmony), none of us are free.

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