Tentative conviction

Yesterday's Daily Pickings provoked strong comments from Jimmy. It will take time to work through the points he raises and see whether they truly are indisputable and it is probably for others with more wisdom and knowledge to address the issues raised.

Today's Daily Pickings is a more general point about certainty.

First, we need to accept that everything we think we know is built on layers of lies, deception and misinformation; in addition there is probably ancient knowledge that remains hidden from view and absent from normal discourse. We, who may believe we are awake, often have to revise our thinking in the light of new information; consequently, we are not fully awake but on a journey of discovery and awakening.

Peter Challen, of Global Table and source of wise words, often refers to "tentative conviction"; previously we've referred to agnosticism and the certainty of both atheists and believers. We can form a narrative and world view based on our current understanding but we need to recognise that inconvenient information may arise to challenge that understanding. If we dismiss such challenges without careful examination and an open mind, we are no longer awake but going back to sleep.

Critical Thinking's research, analysis, offline and online experiences suggest that morphic resonance is a reality but abstract rationality alone will not reveal it. We have to reflect, feel and think more widely and more deeply to appreciate its significance.

On a more procedural note, we must always revisit the tenets of critical thinking, best described in Bertrand Russell's Liberal Decalogue.

Certainty is the enemy of truth because it closes our minds to possibilities beyond our current understanding. Being open, rather than adversarial will help us on our journey of discovery and awakening.


0 #2 James Walter 2017-05-08 08:17
"Certainty is the enemy of Truth"? I am certain that the sun will rise here (Vienna) tomorrow at extremely close to 05:23. How is that the enemy of truth? The list of such "certainties" is fundamental to living. Of course, they are not really certainties since the universe and its real laws are infinite and perhaps the sun will explode tonight - but that is not the way to bet or live your life. I am certain that the real universe (one from everything) is infinite no matter what the local observations since, "If the universe (everything) has a limit, what is on the other side?" A limited infinity is not infinite. I am certain that, within mathematics, 1+1 = 2. I am equally certain that there is not 2 of anything - but that certain things are close enough to each other for practical purposes to be considered the same for practical purposes. I am most certain about Korzybski: Since Einstein and the newer quantum mechanics, it has become increasingly evident that the only content of ‘knowing’ is of a structural character.

The only link between the verbal and objective world is exclusively structural, necessitating the conclusion that the only content of all ‘knowledge’ is structural. Now structure can be considered as a complex of relations, and ultimately as multi-dimension al order. From this point of view, all language can be considered as names for unspeakable entities on the objective level, be it things or feelings, or as names of relations. In fact, even objects could be considered as relations between the sub-microscopic events and the human nervous system. If we enquire as to what the last relations represent, we find that an object represents an abstraction of a low order produced by our nervous system as the result of a sub-microscopic events acting as stimuli upon the nervous system.

If we consider that all we deal with represents constantly changing sub-microscopic , interrelated processes which are not, and cannot be ‘identical with themselves’, the old dictum that ‘everything is identical with itself’ becomes in [today’s understanding of the universe] a principle invariably false to facts.… and [we] must abandon permanently the “is” of identity.
0 #1 James Walter 2017-05-08 08:04
I totally agree that "everything we think we know" when it comes to politics and newspaper reporting of science is built upon layers of deceit and political warping. Religion was the first politics.

Thanks for the acknowledgment and taking the time to look at my points. Not being perfect, I know there are mistakes on my side as well.

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