Accept nothing at face value

The world is at war and in war, propaganda is a primary weapon. One front of this war is regime change in Syria but the propaganda war is global.

Proof That Your Government Is Lying To You And The Media Is Helping Them by Caitlin Johnstone
I want to make this as unequivocal as I possibly can: the Bana Alabed psy-op is the single clearest example ever of the mass media collaborating with the oligarchy against the interests of the American people. Attributed to a seven year-old girl who was purportedly living in East Aleppo and then moved to Turkey when the region was recaptured by Syrian and coalition forces, the Bana Alabed account features regular tweets by a very photogenic child decrying the evils of Assad and Putin and imploring the leaders of the US and other NATO countries to intervene in Syria.

The world was at war twice in the 20th century and everything we think we know about those wars is rooted in propaganda. We've been conditioned into blaming Germany for starting both and committing atrocities, yet these "stories" were propaganda created during the wars to stiffen the resolve of the US and UK people (to gain their support for yet another banksters' war) and demoralise the enemy, Germany. Not content with having decimated and impoverished Germany, twice, the propaganda continues and is used as a smokescreen to obscure the escalating crimes of the banksters and the Structural Elite. The only antidote to propaganda is truth, however difficult it may be to swallow.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin
Gerard Menuhin is the son of the great American-born (Jewish)violinist Yehudi Menuhin. He could no longer bear the lies being perpetrated against Germany and risked all to unmask what he called the “biggest lie in history” and the mightiest fraudulent criminal enterprise in mankind’s history — the Holocaust industry.

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