The tyranny of the "greater good"

This analysis of the film "Hot Fuzz" gives the plot away and so if you haven't seen the film, you may want to watch it before reading.

The Dangerous Idea of the Greater Good by Sean Malone
At the core of all of this is the idea that individual people's interests and values just aren't that important.
What we should learn from this is that as positive and well-meaning as the whole thing seems, more often than not the "greater good" isn't a reflection of what's best for everyone, but of what's best for the people in power.

Representative democracy facilitates government for the "greater good" and, as is well document within Daily Pickings, commits crimes for which we, as individuals, would be locked up or killed. By what right?

When the majority haven't a clue about what's really going on, those in control act with impunity.

The only antidote to the tyranny of the majority or the most vocal, manipulated and directed by the Structural Elite, is self-organisation, where no-one individual or group has the power to shape the narrative to achieve their own selfish ends. That is evolution.


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