Making sense of the world

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to the need for open source collaborative working to understand the world. There are many theories or interpretations of the world, largely built on false narratives and inculcated beliefs. Until, we unlearn what we think we know and start from first principles, we understand nothing about the world.

The anti-Russian narrative has its roots in the Wall St funded Bolshevik revolution resulting in the Soviet Union. Polarising the world between the so called "free world" and communism suited the purveyors of fear and war - by keeping populations in fear of nuclear annihilation, regimes obstructing Structural Elite power were removed, opening up their countries' resources to add to the already staggering wealth of the Rothschilds and their lieutenants. The US was conquered by the banksters in 1913 and is the primary conduit for Structural Elite power, following the British empire before. Israel's interests have dominated US politics, so much so that when USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in 1967, the American public were kept ignorant of the fact and have been ever since.

It would appear that the usefulness of the US empire is coming to an end.

The video above's interpretation of Israel's treachery and Russia's ambition ignores the larger context. Israel's domination of technology, particularly in the areas of security and weaponry, is nothing new, nor is the technology transfer to China and Russia.

The way to understand these issues is to think of the pecking order - ie. who takes orders from whom?

At the top are the Structural Elite led by Rothschilds (whether they answer to a higher power is another question). Israel is a fundamental lever of power and is the product of a strategy going back centuries - to create a cognitive elite to control the world. As someone remarked in a recent Critical Thinking session, these Ashkenazi Jews are incredibly clever: whatever you think you know, they are three steps ahead of the rest of us.

So when Brendan O'Connell refers to Israel and Russia ganging-up on the US, he is jumping to the obvious conclusion rather than looking deeper. Putin is clever and a mean chess player but he is no match for the Machiavellian wiles of the Jewish cognitive elite. They successfully infiltrated and corrupted the major religions; corrupting national politics is a "piece of cake". Russia is being manipulated.

Occult Roman Catholic Renaissance: “The Material Will Shake You To Your Core"
In brief, the book details several very subtle (initially) - but tectonic plate sized shifts in dogma and practice by the Roman Catholic papacy and College of Cardinals taking place during the Renaissance period continuing and metasticizing in slow but steady fashion up to the present day. The tectonic shifts concerned
1. the defacto (and later de jure) abolishment of the Biblical prohibition on usury (defined Biblically and traditionally up through the Middle Ages as the taking of any profit or interest on loans)
2. The institution of the philosophy of ‘probabilism’ (Probabilism definition, Philosophy. the doctrine, introduced by the Sceptics, that certainty is impossible and that probability suffices to govern faith and practice) and mental reservation and ‘equivocation’ as refined by St Alphonsus Liguori permitting, (among many things) lying under oath and theft, etc.
3. And this third one is the most disturbing - the introduction of the occult philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus and Pharaonic Egypt in a neo-platonic/ hermetic ‘push’ into the belief and practices (initially) of the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and later through things like Vatican II and the actions of Pope Francisextending that ‘philosophy’ to the laity and virtually the whole Church because ‘the times’ were such that the ‘people’ were ready.

Israel's dominance of cyber-security and weapons technology means that they have "backdoors" into every nation's military and intelligence systems, including Russia and China's, as well as global financial systems. The real threat to us all is Structural Elite manipulation, exercised through the levers of power of which Israel is but one.

The only defence against these dark forces is dissolution of hierarchy so that no "clever bastards" (aka. cognitive elite) can deceive and screw over the rest of us.

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