Welcoming trouble

The Brexit referendum 12 months ago polarised opinion and divided people more than ever. By focusing on race, media created tension and animosity between those who are vehemently "anti-racist" and those concerned with the effects of mass immigration on indigenous culture and social stability.

Immigration (and Brexit come to that) is much more nuanced than Punch and Judy style politics would have us believe. On many levels, cultural diversity has added to the richness of life in Britain but when our indigenous culture is eradicated, where's the diversity? That is what many fear.

However, regardless of the cultural impact of mass immigration, we need to understand that this is about imposition of a new world order. The objective is to destroy nation states and diversified European cultures in order to eradicate resistance to totalitarian rule. Few, on either side of this debate, understand induced mass migration's context or its strategic, long term consequences. This is a war on us all (migrants and indigenous peoples) and is coordinated from the centre of the EU.

Migrants to Europe is no coincidence
For the Dutch version, see: Migrantenstroom naar de EU is geen toeval
The recent (since summer 2015) strong increase of migrants to Europe is no accident. It has been planned and orchestrated by people from within the EU. Sky News recently reported on handbooks (Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants) distributed free of charge to migrants in Turkey. These handbooks contain all the information immigrants need when they come to Europe, including emergency phone numbers in case they get into trouble, both on land and at sea.

Migrants have had their birthright stolen at home and many are displaced through war or disaster; they are being imported to dispossess indigenous peoples across Europe. This is analogous to when people were driven from the land through enclosures in Britain; many went overseas to displace people elsewhere.

The beneficiaries of induced mass migration are those who benefit from every other aspect of the political economy and it is we who grant them their power to abuse the rest of us. Or we can think...

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