Withdrawing consent

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In a recent Critical Thinking session, while discussing how to withdraw consent, the underlying premise of why we need to withdraw consent to the current abusive, oppressive and destructive political economy was summarised.

Porcfest is one example of people getting together to withdraw consent. Here, Partrick Byrne provides some historical and philosophical context to the agorist/anarchist movement.

Patrick (and Porcfest) are heading in the right direction in seeking to isolate their planned community from the oppressive hand of government but seem oblivious to the other centres of power within the political economy which are arguably more pernicious and dangerous, not least because centralised, stateless power controls governments.

The Porcfest community and Patrick address the first flaw in the political economy, hierarchy, but ignore the two corrosive, abusive and destructive economic elements which facilitate and underpin hierarchy: theft of the commons and usury. Any political economy which accepts these flaws is destined to create power imbalances leading to inequality and abuse of a growing majority by a narrow minority - all for the "greater good".

Daily Pickings has often mentioned resonance or serendipity in the way our investigations or research are driven by "unseen forces". Following recent discussion at a GlobalNet21/Ethical Society planning meeting on education and politics, Evan Parker mentioned "sortition" as being a means of developing participatory democracy. Patrick, in the video above also mentions sortition. It would seem sortition is worthy of further investigation.

Meanwhile, our discussions on withdrawing consent continue...