How we are led by flickering images and sound bites! Their influence is so pervasive that we barely notice how our interest is diverted from what matters to someone else's agenda.

Daily Pickings has reflected on the power of the internet to transform human society for the better but as always with progress, technology and the internet are a double edged sword. Big data, surveillance and behavioural science are brought together to shape our attitudes and actions - even when we know what's happening, we cannot but help be affected, if only by reacting against it.

Be careful who you follow, what you let into your mind and what you pass on.

When so much of what we are exposed to is crafted to elicit specific responses, how do we resist? As in food, the closer we are to eating food in its natural state, the better it is for us. Similarly, the closer we are to the source of news, unintermediated by corrupt media with an agenda, the more likely it is to reflect reality, allowing us to build a narrative which accords with the facts.

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower has slipped off the main stream radar but there are many unanswered questions and the responses from the establishment have been woefully inadequate. Self-organised relief from locals and volunteers is what's making a difference to the victims and the community.

When the sh*t hits the fan, it is ourselves and each other we rely on - the "authorities" are working to a different agenda in which humans are an inconvenience or disposable pawns to be manipulated.

The world is run by a "big club" and you're not in it.

We need to create our own "clubs" locally, regionally, nationally and globally - then their big club will become irrelevant and impotent.

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