Where's my degree?

university (n.)  c. 1300, "institution of higher learning," also "body of persons constituting a university," from Anglo-French université, Old French universite "universality; academic community" (13c.), from Medieval Latin universitatem (nominative universitas), "the whole, aggregate," in Late Latin "corporation, society," from universus "whole, entire" (see universe). In the academic sense, a shortening of universitas magistrorum et scholarium "community of masters and scholars;" superseded studium as the word for this. The Latin word also is the source of Spanish universidad, German universität, Russian universitetŭ, etc.

Orthodox universities have morphed from places of learning into training camps for a system of slavery that is the political economy of today. Whether universities have ever been places of learning in the true sense is open to debate but irrespective, today's universities are degree factories and another debt mechanism (for tuition fees, living and student accommodation). We've referred to Rockefeller and others using foundations to control what is acceptable study and what is deemed "taboo". Information is siloed keeping students, academics and many in the world ignorant.

So your choice is: to succumb to the lie that a "good degree" will guarantee you a rosy future - being trained to become a cog in the merciless political economy. Or, learn how to think and how to live. The latter demands that you abandon all your preconceptions and beliefs - unlearning - and re-examine everything you think you know afresh. Ideology and ego are the biggest impediments to learning and collaboration is key to understanding. One cannot learn in isolation because the world is too big and complex for an individual to grasp but collaboratively, the power of learning increases exponentially.

So save your money (on student debt etc.) and develop an evolutionary purpose around your learning. Work with others in non-hierarchical manner to co-create narratives consistent with corroborated evidence. Bring your whole being to your learning - become aware of your connection with the universe and take the golden bridge to a new understanding which impassions and empowers, where you can stand on the edge of paradise.

Or you could go get a degree...

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