Data, the battleground

Yesterday's UK Column broadcast focused on data and the collusion between government, NGOs, corporations and financial interests (such as Goldman Sachs) hoovering up our data - creating incentives to "control behaviour".

UK Column News - 7th August 2017 (45 minute video)

The creation of a new privatised "police investigation centre" in Hampshire, UK is explained and plans to fully militarise the police are revealed. Using "mental health" as cover to lock up those who dissent or try to expose the criminals in charge comes straight out of the Soviet Union playbook. Destroy or incarcerate everyone inclined to think and speak out.

The illusory Brexit game is now providing cover for the plan, long in gestation, to build up the EU army - nation states become increasingly irrelevant as supra-national bodies take on more powers; meanwhile the destruction of nation states globally continues through induced mass migration championed by yet another supra-national body, the "Humanities Conference".

These developments are inevitable consequences of the current political economy and until we address root causes, things will only get worse. Banksters run the world and it's time to take away their power.

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