Creeping co-option

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Critical Thinking's analysis revealed the imperative for a different economic model early on in its work and explored the need for what has come to be known as "basic income". The basic income pilot in India, conducted by Guy Standing in cooperation with SEWA, demonstrated its transformational potential. Clearly, with jobs priced according to supply and demand, the value of labour is declining as populations increase, reducing wages to a level where the means to life is no longer guaranteed by working. What also emerged from our research and analysis is how the commons (land, resources, knowledge, etc.) have been progressively colonised by the Structural Elite, depriving the majority access to the means to life. The obvious conclusion is that if we share the value of the commons in the form of a human or citizen's dividend, the means to life is guaranteed for all.

However, as "basic income" has garnered support, there is no talk of sharing the wealth of the commons but the discussion is framed as an alternative to means tested benefits and as such will be insufficient to provide the means to life. Supporters of basic income want it implemented by any means possible (a start is better than nothing, they say) while political expediency will ensure that however it is implemented, it will not challenge the power of the Structural Elite. Conceptually, if the wealth of the commons is shared equitably and people have the means to life, the power of the short side reverts to the people, away from the system and those who rule. As was pointed out in last Friday's Daily Pickings, the last thing the system wants is independent minded, autonomous humans collaborating to challenge authority.

The political economy is extremely effective in neutralising threats to centralised power and there are now several strands coming together to absorb "basic income" into the mix. Combining digital cash, the Positive Money (PM) campaign for central bank created money (removing money creation from all other banks) and basic income, not only ensures basic income doesn't challenge the status quo but tightens the noose of control over us all.

1. We're being progressively softened up to abandon physical cash

2. Handing money creation directly to central banks gives the banksters complete control

3. Once implemented (digital basic income), access to the means to life is then at the gift of the corporate (fascist) state. Dissent or complain and your means to life will be withdrawn.

Furthermore, people are being seduced into implanted electronic tagging (RFID) as a means of identification; once the means to life is contingent on being microchipped, total surveillance and control is the Dystopian reality.

Operating under the maxim of keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer, Guy Standing is being cultivated by the Structural Elite (invited to Bilderberg) and Positive Money is being integrated into the Bank of England's digital cash plans (PM founder Ben Dyson is now working for the BoE). Basic income and PM campaigners smell the possibility of success and are getting excited, failing to see the trap that's been set.

Aesop's fable of the fox and the crow illustrates the dangers of succumbing to flattery; in this instance the "cheese" is our freedom.

Creeping reform will always result in creeping co-option - it's what the system does. Our only salvation is to decentralise power by dissolving institutional hierarchy, share the wealth of the commons and abandon usury. Anything less will be co-opted, subverted or distorted to tighten the shackles that bind us. 

Be careful what you wish for...

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