Follow the money to find power

Daily Pickings has referred to the separate state within the UK Kingdom before. Here's a brief introduction to the City state or more accurately, the City of London Corporation which has ruled for centuries.

A substantial proportion of those corporations, wielding electoral power over The City of London Corporation, are the "super entities" referred to in the 2011 study which revealed just 147 super entities control 40% of 43,060 transnational corporations (TNCs) and 60% of their turnover.

Follow the trail. The City of London Corporation is the heart of the money kingdom but its power is obscured and exercised through proxies such as the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in Basel (affiliated to the privately controlled Bank of International Settlements - BIS).

At the heart of the City, towering over the historic buildings which house(d) venerable City institutions, is ‘New Court’ Rothschild Bank Headquarters in the City - discreet power which rules with ruthless efficiency but is seldom witnessed at the scene of its crimes against humanity.

The only way to stop these crimes is not revenge or retribution but to withdraw the source of Rothschild's power, us.

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