Global military, police and institutional corruption

Daily Pickings has recommended UK Column as a good source of news and analysis to counter mainstream propaganda, particularly from the BBC.

Yesterday's broadcast highlights the trajectory towards one world government through NATO's enforcement role in the drugs trade out of Afghanistan (let's not forget HSBC's money laundering crimes swept under the carpet by NATO's bankster mafia bosses and that Rona Fairhead, who chairs the BBC Trust, also sits on the board of HSBC) and Interpol, the global police force to apply the law of plunder. UK Column also reports on the corruption of the Church in Belgium, the commercialisation of UK law emerging from Wales and the ever growing tentacles of the corrupt EU enveloping national institutions.

UK Column News - 27th September 2017 (47 minute video)

UK Column covers a lot of ground and joins the dots on many issues. Yesterday's broadcast reports on Citigroup's repackaging of CDOs (collateralised debt obligations) which featured in the 2008 subprime crisis and the fictionalising of BBC documentaries (docufiction) using a growing digital platform for "storytelling", Shorthand. 

UK Column doesn't tell "stories" but conducts in depth research and analysis. It's not perfect, perfection is a very tall order, but it is honest and forthright in its search for truth among the lies.

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