Independence from whom?

Today, more than ever before, we are conflated on so many fronts. For example, on Catalonia, the thrust of the media is to condemn the brutal attack of the Guardia Civil on the Catalonian people, interrupting their referendum to decide whether to break away from Spain. However, if this is a desire for independence and self-determination, why is being part of Spain bad and yet being ruled by the EU is OK? Catalonia looks like another "colour" revolution, funded and incited by the usual suspects.

Catalonia: Independence from Whom? by David Marty
...if we assume that the U.S. acted and act today in their own interest, why should they want anything other than a federalist Europe? Do wolves not chew their food carefully before swallowing?

The "Arab spring" comes home to Europe. As Daily Pickings asked at the time it came to light, that anti-Trump protests were funded by the same culprits, when will we ever learn?

Yesterday's UK Column covers Catalonia as its first item and does a commendable job in pointing out the conflation and contradictions, drawing parallels with Scotland. We need to be constantly vigilant - what's put in front of us is intended to provoke a reaction which supports the Structural Elite agenda: the creation of city states while Balkanising nations through destabilisation and ceding powers to the EU and other supranational bodies - one world government.

UK Column News - 2nd October 2017 (40 minutes)

It is natural to feel sympathy when police brutality is flashed around the world but there is so much violence which continues unreported. What is it about this violence? What makes this special? ...because of the agenda and media hype playing with our heads.

To understand these conflated and orchestrated events and issues, we need to listen and share information with the "other", those whom we've been trained to hate or distrust. Diversity is key in learning what's happening and why - diversity of voices/worldviews and diversity of sources of information to form an independent view.

If we "sing along with the choir", we're just cannon fodder for someone else's agenda...

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