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The Corbett Report is a treasure trove of information, meticulously referenced. Recently, James Corbett was in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Open Mind Conference. In his presentation, he points to the evidence of collusion to bring about war on Germany in 1914 and explores the parallels between the period running up to WW1 and today.

Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next "Great" War - The Corbett Report

...and the Q&A session following the presentation:

Echoes of WWI: Q & A - The Corbett Report

Of course, few are privy to the information and evidence James reveals because history is always written by the victors and if people really knew what was going on both then and now, wars would not happen.

Mainstream news and information sources (including what we learn from academia) ensure most of us remain ignorant of reality and live an illusion based on layers of deception. By charting events, issues and relationships from publicly available information, we can begin to make sense of the world to become more than passive victims of the political system.

UK Column has been "joining the dots" on a variety of issues and their last two broadcasts show the connections behind the stories and some "ominous continuities" - patterns of corruption and serious crimes.

UK Column News - 4th October 2017 (49 minute video)

UK Column News - 5th October 2017 (45 minute video)

When listening/watching the news, it is useful to draw a MindMap to record the connections between seemingly unconnected institutions, people, issues and events; over time, cumulatively, these will reveal the true shape and nature of the political economy.

UK Column makes this easy but the BBC and their ilk do their utmost to bury connections and sinister relationships. Nonetheless, habitual use of MindMaps can reveal patterns and connections even when relying on mendacious mainstream media because, over time, the contradictions and lies come to light and are revealed "in pictures".


MindMaps are an integral part of Critical Thinking's methodology which has given birth to the free, open source CoCreative Learning Project due to be "launched into the wild" shortly. 

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