Brexit is a bicycle shed

Bear with this. Years ago, Daily Pickings was told a true story by the son of the main character. This man, we'll call him David, was the bursar of a private school in England. He was explaining to his son how, if he wanted to push through something controversial, to overcome resistance, he would use the "bicycle shed" trick. It goes something like this.

A new bicycle shed (to replace the existing inadequate provision for storing bicycles) was planned and more or less supported by half of those concerned but the planned location was invariably the subject of heated debate. So when a management or governing body meeting was to be held, the bicycle shed would be top of the agenda and would take up most time and energy (emotional and intellectual) making agreement to David's real agenda (the controversial measures to be sneaked in under cover of the bicycle shed) a formality. Most around the table were too wearied and bludgeoned by the bicycle shed debate to resist. The bicycle shed remained an indefinite bone of contention and a useful distraction for years.

Brexit is the bicycle shed and while we're busy focusing on what we're told, all sorts of measures are being implemented to tighten rather than loosen EU control.

The art of deception is to only show people what you want them to see and keep them excited and preoccupied with an illusory issue, while getting on with the real agenda. In this case, stronger powers are being awarded to others (the EU, corporations and the state under EU control) and democratic accountability destroyed on the road to one world government.

So the next time someone says "Brexit" - tell them the story of the bicycle shed and point out all the powers being handed to the EU and NATO...and how we're being made subject to even more control and surveillance.

War and chaos are coming - calling out the lies and co-creating a shared understanding of how the world really works is our only way to slow and reverse this decent into madness.

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