"Breaking news" is storytelling

It's no revelation that media's purpose or effect is to divide, distract and divert attention from the real agendas afoot but it doesn't hurt to be reminded now and again.

New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
Story #1: 4chan Warned About Vegas 3 Weeks Early
“Steve was an arms dealer”. Set up by arms dealers doing a real life demonstration of their new drone toys
Users on /pol/ have discovered flight records and a plane that belonged to the Las Vegas Shooter. It is connected to an intelligence contractor who’s owner previously worked for the Obama administration.
The Killers Interviewed By Jimmy Kimmel
Trump, Sheldon Adelson Talked Las Vegas Shooting, Policy At White House Meeting Monday

Complete 9/11 Timeline: Nellis Air Force Base
“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.
Story #2: Tech Experts Propose Reserving Stretch Of I-5 For Driverless Cars

Benedict Evans on the Future of Cars
The “Possible Problems” with #V2X, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
Story #3: US, Russia Planning To Build Moon Base Together (So Are China, Europe)
NWNW Flashback: US to Create ‘Space Corps’ in Radical Air Force Overhaul (Jul. 6, 2017)
#GoodNewsNextWeek: Cord-Cutting Winter Is Coming

The "latest" news should always be viewed with circumspection - in fact, it's better not to watch "breaking news" at all but await a more sober assessment for which people have done some research to ascertain some facts to combat the predictive programming narratives. The Corbett Report is one source of more nuanced, fact based news, as is UK Column. The BBC and others are just "Storytelling". 

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