Middle England reads its way to servitude

Regular readers of the Times, Telegraph, Independent and Guardian newspapers pride themselves on being "well-informed" compared to those who rely on "tabloids" for their news.

This has to be one of the best tricks played on people ever. In the Soviet Union, most people knew the reality of their condition - that they lived in a world of inversion, rather like George Orwell's "Newspeak" in 1984. In the USSR, there was only one version of the news, the State's version, whereas in today's "free society" we can choose the interpretation of issues and events to match our worldview, and most do. No matter that they are ideological variations on the same lies and deception. What's your favourite flavour?

But now a master twist is being added to the mix; not only are you being lied to but if you attempt to look beyond "authorised" sources of information, in order to challenge official narratives, you will be in danger of being imprisoned for 15 years, unless, you are an "accredited" journalist or academic. In other words, only accept the official versions of events, or go to jail.

Why does Britain want to put the public in prison for fact-checking claims in the mainstream media? by Rick Falkvinge
British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced a fifteen-year prison sentence for watching terrorist propaganda, whatever that means this week. There is an exception for academics and journalists with “legitimate reason” to watch the material firsthand. But this also means the general public is going to be banned, under threat of a long prison sentence, from fact-checking such stories in the mainstream media.

If you value freedom and the future of your children, don't participate in this macabre charade. Look beyond "authorised" sources of information - they are the organs of the very worst in society. Whereas, alternative sources come from some of the best, ie. those prepared to speak out in spite of the penalties... being shunned, attacked and vilified on a regular basis. The reason they do, is because they know that ignorance is a "fools paradise".

Freedom requires abandoning those comfortable, familiar habits which keep us as docile as domesticated cattle - such as consuming daily propaganda.

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